Just for Fun ” What Did The Muscles Say To The Head While On The Treadmill?

Today I am writing about a conversation between my muscles and my head on the treadmill.    (Yes, you did read that right!)

Thank God for Music.  And thank goodness for the I-Pod, Nano and Shuffles of the world.  I use music to get me through exercise, house work, and other sometimes unpleasant distractions. But then it goes great with all things.

If you like music you might like some of the mentioned songs.  The whole idea for me is to listen to the words, the instruments and other sounds in the song, then I take the words that apply to whatever I am feeling at the moment.  The worst that will happen is the music helps push me through my routine and I get to hear some great music.

What did the muscles say to the head while on the treadmill?

Hope it makes you laugh!  Have a great day!


“We are cold, stiff, old muscles and it is just too shocking to be awakened  to an electrifying  Stranglehold (Ted Nugent)   the fact is that it builds in intensity as the  music  stirs every muscle.  But we are not so sure this is a good way  to start out on 30 or so  minute workout of something that feels like hours and we know well have us singing  “Cry, Cry , Cry” (Bobby “Blue” Bland) in a short time.   So we do the “Fire Dance” (Fela’s Egypt 80’Suen Kuti)  as we feel the burn up and down our body and we “Sing” ( Annie Lennox ) out in agony  about “Another kind of Love” or is it hate (John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers)>”

“Then the feet go off on their own and pull a fast one and start to enjoy  “ Bos Guitar”( Bo Diddley).   Now  suddenly “It’s  An Interplanetary Party”  (Santana)  and  I am rocking, then  it moves on to some else, I was ready for more Santana.  I love Santana,   That was not in the original plan these dang shuffles mess it all up sometimes . “

“Now all of us muscles are moving to “Rock Me” ( Tosh Reagon) totally in panic mode having forgotten that we are going to pay for this.   So now we are walking slower and praying  “Free Me” (Joss Stone)  and wishing we could have a swig of “Sloe Gin” (Joe Bonamassa) to drown some of the pain.  Oh yes  that is right the head decided the body doesn’t need that beverage  anymore , did it ask us?   Oh no of course not!  All it ever says is “Further up the Road” (Joe Bonamassa feat. Eric Clapton) it well get better!    Well Baby, “The Thrill is Gone” (B.B. King & Eric Clapton) and now we are just “Ghosts of My Machine” (Annie Lennox).  So now it is time for us to “Follow that Sound” (Sharon Little) off this ride.   We are so out of here!!!!  “It’s been a long time comin’ “(Third Day)!!!”




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3 responses to “Just for Fun ” What Did The Muscles Say To The Head While On The Treadmill?

  1. dagtag

    Music is vital for my workout as well. If I arrive at the gym and find I’ve forgotten my i-Pod…I go back home to get it. It MUST be my own music mix! :-))

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