THE POETRY CORNER – My Spot From Heaven!

Monumental  mountains of grace  over towering and protecting this  glorious space.

A valley green and blue,  a lake or a river  tucked in everywhere, always able to find something new.

Elk run wild across this way and that way  stopping your car.  Watching something like that you don’t  want to go far.

Trees  everywhere  swaying to the wind.    Sometimes  just standing still catching

snow causing their branches to bend.

Glorious falls descend  into the valley so green.  Fields of trees, flowers, everywhere  seen.

A spot carved out of heaven and sent down to live for a perfect place  our children  to  give.

A picture setting everywhere you look.  No better photograph  you   took.

Those who live here know the feel of something in this life  so real.

To  live a  simple life here  is to thrive and more able to survive.

There is too much to do all around and so much wonder to be found.

In this beautiful Valley and the mountains of grace that surround.


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One response to “THE POETRY CORNER – My Spot From Heaven!

  1. You’ve captured the beauty of the Valley wonderfully.

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