Today not Tomorrow!

When I put on the music today the first song that played was  U2’s Tomorrow.    A memory , actually a few memories came drifting through the fog of  another sleepless night.    I am  learning about genealogy and trying to walk in some of my  families’  shoes , at least in the knowledge aspect of how and what they lived and believed.  Maybe it is just  age or lack of answers from some things that are too late to ask.   There was a sadness  for all the history and experiences and foundation lost and for not taking the time to find out and ask when there was still a tomorrow for them.   As we get older we have more and more stories we experience and learn from.    The stories when told show amazing pictures of history that start to fit  together as a puzzle does .

    It is like a book and every page opens up to another layer of the past that started your journey  into the present.    The book  can be filled with humor, knowledge, ideas, opinions and yes pain and sometimes memories of horror.  There are people who  have met  famous people and or been to exotic places with adventures  like those  seen  on the movie screens.    In some books  the story is just like another , many times many have the same story line.  Yet every story has its own core and everyone experiences the same things in a different way so each version is different.   Some books are so worn and torn yet their story is so bright.    Others get passed by.  But we are all writers of  books.   We each write our own story. 

If  you  have questions or just want to hear a story out of the day of someone  in your life,  it is important to ask now.  Not Tomorrow!    I wish I had!


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