The Procrastination Highway

I started the year out with the best intentions, as I think most people do.  Again I find the time has flown by and it is March 1st, 2011.  Wow!  Where did it go?

Again I find my commitments to do this or get that done have not all been met.  I ask myself why?  It seems when I worked full-time, and had no time, and raised a family, etc, etc, I had no problem meeting my deadlines.  Now that I am in full control of my time  it is easy distracting  myself  in too many ways.  They are productive ways on the most part but still distractions and have led me on the very dangerous road known as  The Procrastination Highway .   I have always hated that road.  It is a very deceptive way to travel. 

You think taking that road and putting something off gives you freedom to do something else or ignore it.  Not true!  It haunts you. It follows you.  It takes control over your thoughts. Oh it may seem like it is in the back of your mind but it is not.  It is what controls your mind at that time.  You are thinking about how you should  do  it  and why it is ok not doing what you need to , and it just keeps nagging sometimes quietly sometimes not.  And the further down that road you go the longer the road becomes.   The to do list keeps growing but nothing gets scratched off.  Soon the list and the road are the same, never-ending.

Well today the road stops here.  I found an exit!   It was hidden in excuses and good reasons why it is ok just to go straight down Procrastination Highway.  The exit is rough terrain.  Bumpy, and even boring sometimes, but I am going to take it and finish my list before it multiplies tenfold.  I won’t add anything to this to do list until I scratch the first entries off. 

 I am going to take the “EXIT” (as U2 sings)  and just get it done!


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  1. I love today’s entry and it rings true on SO many different levels!

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