Half empty or Half Full?


My dad used to tell me to always look at a glass half full instead of half empty it would make things easier.  I really have tried and do pretty good most of the time.    I have had my share of negative things thrown my way as we all do and sometimes do not handle them to well as I would like I am sorry to say. I  am lucky enough I can to pull myself out of ME and look around and see others and what they go through and appreciate what I have. 

When I watch what is happening in Japan my heart breaks for those people .   It hurts me deeply to see the people go through this but it reminds me to be grateful for what I have now because anytime that can change. 

I will not say it is easy to do but if we really listen to other people we will see it isn’t only us struggling.   Everyone has their demons.  Everyone knows struggle.   Life is an education.   It is one big school.   We are all teachers ,  teaching what to do, or not to do by example. 

I talk a lot but I do listen and watch a lot as well.   There is so much to learn from people in all walks of life.    Many more are have been through or are going through horrible  things.    There are millions of life stories and many are so much worse than ours.

I have a good friend who has experienced too much hurt this last few years and yet she is defines the word GRACE.   Every time I talk to her, It reminds me  to appreciate more,  be more gracious and  put aside the negative and focus on  the positive and good.  

Another friend is struggling with everything that could go wrong and does, hanging on and fighting all the way to survive.   She laughs and jokes about it even though  I know her heart is heavy with worry and fear and yet she keeps herself and her kids going with a great attitude and with a beautiful smile!

Last night I was privileged to be with a group of a few great ladies and the talk was about Japan,  earthquakes, 911, health,  life, kids, and work,  the makings of a great conversation.  There was so much knowledge, experience,  patience  and understanding and laughter and grace it is surprising it all fit inside this little café.   People who have lived through so many things and deal with it day-to-day.   Yet they all have an attitude of gratitude.  They all work hard at life and  it’s struggles and come up smiling.   Sure everyone has tears and fears which is part of it, everyone falls,  but they all keep getting up again.   It reminds me  AGAIN of what is really important.   It is not money or things.   It is not what you do as a job or what degrees you have or where you live.  It is not how you look.  It is how you treat others and it is how you live your life.

Life is just too dang short to waste on the negativity.  There are so many positive beautiful things in this world.   We all have to deal with the negative  but we don’t have to let it color our view or be the driver of our car on this road.   We don’t have to use it as an excuse in poor treatment of others or ourselves.  We don’t have to let it spoil what good we do have.   We just have to move on to the next challenge and work hard, have fun and appreciate we are on this road.    It is all lessons to learn and learning is good.  It keeps our minds healthy and our hearts happier.   

I have made many mistakes  in which I wish I could take back,  but it is never too late to learn.  I was gifted last night to be reminded of this in such a great way.   I think of other ways it could have happened and am grateful to these ladies and my good friends for being my teachers.  I am grateful to all the people who teach me by example.    It could have been  negative,  much worse like Japan. 

There are a few challenges  I am dealing with,  but today I am facing them with a smile on my face  knowing I will do my best and appreciate what I do have.   I have my Attitude of Gratitude in check.   I am very lucky and have a lot of what really is important .  What more do I need? 

 I refilled my glass and you know what???   The Glass is half full!

Music by U2     “Grace”               (“Grace finds goodness in everything!”)

Don Henley    “Everybody knows”

Reba Mc Entire  “   What It Takes”                                                                                    

 (“ I am going to do just what it takes to keep the smile on my face”)



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2 responses to “Half empty or Half Full?

  1. Vicky

    Hi Linda! Thanks for the encouraging words today. Your thoughts are so pure, and your heart is great! See you soon, I hope.

  2. A great sentiment to keep in mind no matter what is going on in the world around us. Again, it’s a great joy to read your entries, Linda!

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