Life is about living

And not in the past

Life goes on the road way to fast

So you have to take each day one at a time

And enjoy what you have

Because tomorrow it may be gone

Tomorrow won’t last

For tomorrow will be today and then it leaves

Then it is yesterday

Look forward to your tomorrows

But do not dwell

For if they come it is too soon to tell

Live today

Appreciate it now

And hope for the best

And let go of the worry of all the rest

For it is today!



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5 responses to “THE POETRY CORNER – For Today!

  1. Excellent poem thanks for sharing. I really enjoy reading your blog very much.

    A Great Day for Spring – Haiku Poem

  2. I agree with the premise of this poem. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Teri

    I Love it Linda 🙂

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