Packing Light for This Trip of Life!

 It is that time of year again.   I now have my forty-second wedding anniversary and my sixty-second birthday approaching in the next few months and I sit here and wonder.   Anniversaries of major events in my life more than anything make me contemplate my life and my age.   

This happens every year.  I question everything that has happened and I wonder what things I could have or should have done differently.  The truth of the matter is it is too late to change any of it and I FINALLY get that.   It is too late and a big waste of time to worry about it. 

I am a late bloomer, that way!    I learn well but sometimes some things take too long.   But this is my year.  I finally understand and let go and realize life is so short in the scheme of things to waste on things you can not change or fix.  Regrets, yes, I have them and I am sorry that is the case.  Some things I wish I could redo over so much but I finally know now that all I can do is not repeat it and move on.   I finally see that living right today is most important.  Yes I have past hurts and issues that haunt me but I release them all for today and go on for tomorrow.     I will live and appreciate today now.  I will make sure today is a day I don’t have on that “wish I could change” list.  It will be a day that I can look back on and say what a great day it was.  I did my best for today.  I did not mistreat anyone including myself.  I lived the day to the fullest and I thank God that I had today to succeed in this.  I am very lucky and have so much so I won’t waste anymore time carrying around what I don’t need.

I never thought about being sixty-two years old before, I always felt I had plenty of time.  I am grateful I still have more time to enjoy and appreciate the trip of life.  I travel with a lighter load now. 

 To all the young people out there remember, yes we seem to live longer now, but  it sneaks up on us so fast that by the time we figure things out we are already contemplating our life and what we wish we could have changed.  Guess What?  NothingWe cannot change the past.  All of a sudden you are sixty-something.  This is not bad.  Sixty-something is a great age.  I hope you don’t have the regrets, which I think we all do to some point, but even more I hope if you do have some, you DO NOT pack them with you.  They can spoil your trip!  Life is a trip!  You will have lots of different journeys in this trip.  Make them easier on yourself and lighten your load. 

If we make mistakes, learn from them and then leave it behind.  It is just heavy luggage that we do not need on this trip.  Pack light, be kind, be smart and enjoy.  The next stop is better without the extra weight.  If we have it with us it will not give us the opportunity to enjoy and learn from this newest stop on our trip.  If we waste so much time dragging around that heavy luggage how can we go shopping for new things to put in the suitcase?   Let’s face it with the economy like it is it is too expensive to buy or take more luggage than we need on that trip.

 Packing light is the best way.   The burden of weight is off our back and it leaves us open for so many new things.  It gives us the ability to walk along freely and stop and smell the roses. 

 So enjoy Today! 

 Rain or shine, sleet or snow, we never know which way we should go?

Do your best for today and then let it go on its own way!



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5 responses to “Packing Light for This Trip of Life!

  1. Well said Linda. It is never too late. The now is a perfect, joyful, amazing place to call home. Love you Gayle

  2. Brooke McGillivray

    Enjoyed this and other posts very much, Linda – – – in case you haven’t been on Facebook recently, that’s how I found your blog – -I’m a Fremont High Schooler from 67 too 🙂 (maiden name Jamison) I’m celebrating my 42nd anniversary this year too! And of course, 62nd birthday. I just started in the blog world in March – – it’s very fun I think. Hope you post some more, I enjoy reading.

  3. Thank Linda wise words .. now for me to put them in action by unpacking and traveling lighter 🙂

  4. Rod Poepping

    Well said Linda.

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