“Passing Through Friends”

Today I happened to meet a few new people. It was great fun
and we all had a good time talking and sharing and just enjoying each other’s
company.  We may never see each other
again but for a short time we shared a special bond.

It dawned on me why it is important to always put your best
foot forward. I may never have met these people if I hadn’t. Would it be a
loss, maybe, maybe not. We may have nothing in common. But for that short
period in time we had a great time.

We laughed and it was good. It was a valuable gift. For even just that moment
when two or more people can share laughter or tears or just some good talk is a
special thing. I learned things I did not know and I laughed a lot and so did
they. For that brief encounter the world was at peace. At least for us. I don’t
think it matters if we don’t meet up again. It would be nice because we all got
along and enjoyed each other’s company. The fact is we were able to meet each
other and expand our viewpoints as we talked and learned from each other and
laugh a lot.

I call this “Passing through friends” Friends for the
moment. Friends that for some reason are not able to stay in our life. We are
all ships sailing our own course. Many are too busy to have the time to stop
and board other ships so when the opportunity arises it can be such a pleasant
experience. A “Passing through friend” is someone who we meet and hit it off

We may know them for a moment, a day, a week, a month or a year and then our
ships part to different seas. But we brought each other something good into our
lives even for that moment. Even if you never see each other again we have that
special bond as a friend.

There are some who will hurt us and not be such a good
friend in the end but they also are there to teach us something and they also
are “Passing through”. The lessons are very important. If we try to
take whatever good there was out of it, we will be richer for the experience.

Thank you to all my “Passing Through Friends and all the Lessons I have



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