A Ramble: To Trust or Not to Trust “Gut Feelings”?

This post is my mind going back and forth with itself.  This is just rambling trying to solve a dilemma I have.  I am posting it even though it most likely will not make much sense to anyone but then it is not making much sense to me right now either.  I
figure if I write it out maybe some answers will come to mind and I figure some of you might understand.  Well

A Ramble:  To Trust or Not to trust “Gut Feelings”?

How do you know if something is a heart and soul and brain agrees gut feeling, or if it is one’s own insecurity and fear to trust that is controlling your feelings at the time?

If your mind is tied up with that insecurity and fear, it can be very dangerous.  Your mind can convince you of anything being the truth on any factor of life.  It can take you beyond reality so one must be careful not to dive “into an empty lake”.   Our mind can make us see, feel, and smell the water if we let it.  On the other hand, it can make us see no water when there is a beautiful lake full of it and rob us the pleasure of experiencing a good swim because our mind has shown us there is no water in this lake.  The fact is the mind can play and control your perception.  So do we trust the mind and ignore the gut, the core of our bodies that goes beyond reason?  It is just a little message from inside that tells us we should listen, as it is often said, “trust your gut”.  Ah but then there is that word again, “trust”.  There is becoming more and more lack of that word these days.  Trust, can you???   How do we know who and what to trust anymore, including your own gut?

So what to do to solve the problem?  Well I decided to trust my gut!  It probably knows better than I do!  Mainly because it is on self-preservation mode and wants to protect it and me.  My instincts were right and the decision to sit and wait was a good one.  My mind kept coming up with too many mixed messages causing too much outside interference.  My gut served me well this time!
It is nice to know I can trust my gut.   Heaven knows I cannot say that about some people.

So do you trust your “gut feeling”?  Do you follow it?  It is worth thinking about what it has to say sometimes.  I think from now on I will open up and trust it more.  Sometimes over thinking and anger and emotions and even logic get in the way and maybe
that is when the gut knows better.

Now that was rambling! Gotta laugh out loud!



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4 responses to “A Ramble: To Trust or Not to Trust “Gut Feelings”?

  1. marilyn

    Well Done, Linda 🙂

  2. Linda… I call my gut feelings my Angels talking to me ( I really have never thought of it as a “GUT” feeling) I have always known it was my Angels. From a very young age I wondered ‘what’ that was talking in my head? (usually talking me out of doing something dumb ) Though, I didn’t always listen 😉 So Linda …name your Gut…because it is your Angel ( I am sure just one of many) Love & Hugs ~ Teri

  3. This definitely matched my current state of mind, Linda! Sometimes logic can get in the way and one loses focus on the problem/solution at hand. As for trust – powerful word, abused, misused, not often used…

    I’m glad you shared this!

  4. sammee78

    Instinct is a very powerful thing, as humans we don’t trust it enough!

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