THE POETRY CORNER – Just A Matter of Time!

It is funny how time can change so much,

your thoughts, your circumstances, your reality,

It can change in every way.

What is real now is not another day.

I once thought 30 was really old,

Now I am 62 and won’t be told,

That I can’t go out and play,

Or say what I think or think what I know.

But then again tomorrow when I am 80,

Will I wonder just the same?

If I am old and if I can?

When I was a child to work in the garden was a chore.

Now it is something I adore!

But then tomorrow it may be the same.

It  become the chore and I the child again.

Perspective is just a matter of time,

It changes your thoughts of how and what you see.

It is the reality of today,

But it will change tomorrow since

time always seems to slip away!



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2 responses to “THE POETRY CORNER – Just A Matter of Time!

  1. sammee78

    I loved this.

  2. marilyn

    I love your poetry!!!
    You are most decidedly a poetess!!!

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