I Admit it I am Addicted! A Rant!

I have to admit it!  I am addicted!   To my computer that is.  My computer crashed!  What an ordeal it has been.  This has happened before but not like this.  Yes I was lucky I learned and backed up most of my things but there are things I didn’t.

 Now I have a list of all my email addresses.  It is not really up to date but I have it and now I have to hand type them all in.  Where is the technology in that people??   The list is 8 pages.  Who wants to do that?  Then there are my I-tunes.  This is the 3rd time I have had to do this one.  This is not fun.  I have over 3700 songs on there.  As of yet I have not found a way to take them from the I-Pod and put it back on the computer.  Now come on I-tunes people this is something that should be in place already.  A system to re-download from both directions.  Then there were all the pages that I had bookmarked to go back and read or needed for something, or did I??  I recommend that everyone take time to make sure they have backed up what is really important.  NOW!  Do not wait till it is too late.

So why am I so depended on this little machine?  A machine that is built to last only a few years anyway because it is outdated the minute it leaves the store.   I have to admit it upset me.   I actually thought of going cold turkey and not buying another.   Just not have a computer.  I am a writer  so do I go back to the typewriter or pen and paper?   What would be the worst that could happen?? Well obviously I decided not to do it, lol!  I couldn’t I am addicted.  I admit it! 

I think it is because it opens up the world to us.   It is a fascinating tool that gives us access to so much. We can pretty much find information on just about anything and everything, everywhere and anywhere.  I am able to talk to my cousins in France and England and Australia.  I can talk to friends anywhere they are.  I can make new friends from all over the world.  I can write, learn, read, play games, and communicate all with this stupid box that draws me and keeps me captive.  I have this love hate relationship with it.  I hate all the technical stuff I don’t understand, I hate that it keeps me captive, I hate that they are made only to last so long but I love it for all the entertainment and knowledge and information I now have access to. 

Well this is definitely a RANT!  Basically I hope that from this you go and back up all your important info and I really hope that yours does not go thru this.  I delayed going and buying a new one for well I don’t know how long, lol but for now I am off to go input all over again.


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