Twelve More Days and No Ideas??

Well it is October 20,2011 and NanoWrimo is only 12 days away and I have not a clue what to write yet.   Not  only I don’t have a clue but I have to write 50,000 words or more in one month on what I haven’t a clue on yet!

I have been writing little poems and thoughts just to stimulate the writing process, I hope.  So today I thought I would share them.  Hopefully I will come up with an idea soon.


Woke up this morning to a beautiful view, the colors were vivid and the sky so blue. The chill in the air let me know it was fall.  With it bringing in pumpkins and fun for all. I wanted to go and jump in the leaves, to play in the yard and for fun to seize. I felt like the child I used to be, but there is so much more for me now to see. So the child and I stayed outside to explore the countryside. We spent all day experiencing the fall, what a wonderful experience it was, I had a ball!

Wake up, wake up, there is much to do.  Today is the first day of life for you.  It is a new beginning with possibilities to no end.  It is up to you alone my friend.  Because it is in your mind that the answers are there, this really isn’t all that far.  You just need to search and see.  Then you will achieve all you need for you to be.

Thoughts pour from your mind sometimes they help,

sometimes they are not the right kind.

Take a peek and see what they are,

sometimes one of them may take you far.

It could be to a foreign land or

To do something totally unplanned

It could make you step out of your comfort zone,

Opening you up to the unknown.

What will you see, what will you be?

What will it bring, what will it take?

All the while new thoughts your mind does create.

Some are good and some not so,

leaving you wondering which way to go

and wanting to know if it is really so.

What thoughts pour from your brain?


So now let’s hope this exercise works and as I keep writing out thoughts an idea I will find.  Good luck to all the NanoWrimo participants this year!


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  1. marilyn

    You go, Girl!!!

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