What a Good Book can do for me!!

A good book to me is one that makes me laugh and cry (always have to have a good cry!)lol! As well as a good story. I am reading a good book that has all of that. Today I had some more good laughing and a good cry!   This story talks about some of the things that happened under Hitler.   Wow! I have always tried to look at the positive in things. I am not always successful but I try!
I have what I call as “my woo is me stories of past” as most people do. But when I read books like this it reminds me how so pathetic my plight’s have been compared to so many other people.  And my goodness how strong and brave some people are compared to others. Why? Maybe it is attitude, maybe an inner strength they naturally have, maybe faith, maybe all of it. I would only hope if I was put to some of those kinds of tests in life I would be able to able to be right there with the strong and brave ones. I think I am pretty strong but I cannot honestly say that I would be able to handle the situations as some of the heroes
and heroines of that time and many other times like that did. Men, women and children doing things that risk death or worse, living and enduring a life in horrifying conditions and torture.

There are so many stories and books out there that talk about these people and things that we only imagine in our nightmares which I am grateful they are there for me to remind me how lucky I really am and how there are so many people in this world that have it so much worse in life and yet they survive. And so many of them make the best of it and use it to their advantage in handling all else that comes to them.  There are all kinds of horrible things that happen out there and thankfully most of us have never had to experience some of the horrors. But with a good book you can learn about them and from them and see that you can make the best of things.

So this was my lesson for today, a reminder that I will be grateful for all I have and grateful for some of the things I don’t have and
don’t want. It also reminds me to be more compassionate and don’t judge what I don’t know. It reminds me to enjoy and appreciate my life more.  And of course to read lots of good books to keep reminding me.  Because even if a book is fiction it usually is written from life and that book can take you anywhere!

I take this time to thank writers everywhere for these stories.  This week’s book I am reading  is a wonderful, fun and informative book by Mary Ann Shaffer and Annie Barrows and I thank them for “The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society” and thank you to my friend and fellow writer Sheri for  sharing this book.

Anything learned is a gift!


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  1. marilyn

    Write On, oh Fearless Leader :)!!!

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