THE POETRY CORNER – Seeking Peace!

I think almost everyone seeks peace of some kind.   It could be world peace, family peace  or personal inner peace.  Sometimes it seems unattainable for some people at least.  This is a poem I wrote when I was given a writing prompt on Peace.  I wish everyone Peace in their lives.  I pray for peace in this world.  Would it not be a wonderful thing if we all could agree to disagree and get along.   Have a Peaceful day!

Peace is many times an elusive dream,

floating by so close to you it seems.

But you reach up to touch it and it is not there.

So hard when only one cares.

The pain it can cause can rip you apart.

Are the gifts it may bring worth a broken heart?

Peace is what everyone desires.

Do you pay the price more than you can afford?

Or do you keep as still as the mountain stands, making no

But then again you take the first step,

reaching out your hand,

only to have it slapped sending it back as fast as it can.

It  happens lasting no longer than it has too.

Then the peace is gone again, do you fix it or let it end?

Sometimes there is no peace to be found,

It is then time to move on to higher ground.



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2 responses to “THE POETRY CORNER – Seeking Peace!

  1. marilyn

    Beautifully Excellent Thoughts, Linda!!!
    Really Lovely Poem!!!

  2. Reblogged this on Writingwildly by Linda Garcia and commented:

    I originally posted this in November 2011. At this time of year I think of Peace for myself, for my family and friends and the whole world. What a wonderful thing this would be. I am reposting it and wishing you all PEACE OF MIND AND SOUL. I wish for you a wonderful Christmas (and for those who don’t celebrate it, I wish it for you too) and that your New Year brings us all PEACE! I pray everyone will be blessed with peace of mind and peace towards each other! I think that is something everyone wants in there life!

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