Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!  Thanksgiving is one of the favorite  holidays in our home.  It has just always been that way.  We  love Christmas but Thanksgiving is really important to us.  It is where we take the time to be thankful for all we have and each other and I have discovered that I am so rich in family and friends.  Rich is not about money only.  You can be a millionaire and have no one.  Now I am not saying we don’t need money.  Unfortunately we do.  But I know I would rather have the family and the friends.  It is a time where we take note of this and get together to give thanks for each other and share what we can.   All of us can donate something to someone.   If you can’t afford anything, go help someone with your time.    Giving back is so important.  It does not have to be a lot.  A few cans of food for a food bank.  A gently used coat or blanket for homeless or the needy. An hour of your time!   Even if you don’t have much you still can find something that could help.  I know many of us have been pretty down in the dollar department at several different points in our lives so you know what it is like.  You know what even a hand me down coat or a can of food can do.  It is a lesson that every child should be taughtLearning to give  no matter how small or big is not only helping someone else it is a gift to yourself.    It lifts you up.  It teaches appreciation for what you have.  It teaches that everyone helping everyone makes a big difference in this world.  This year our world is troubled.   So many people without!   So many losing what they had!   PLEASE share something.  There are so many ways to do it.  We choose to do it locally in our own town. There are local food banks and other organizations that  have giving programs.  You can check with your church to find a name of a needy family.   Hey put on a Santa hat and take a bag of groceries to someone you know who is in need and leave it in secret at their door.   We did that with our kids and let them help shop for it and deliver  it.  What a  gift for them as well.   I can say those where some of the best Thanksgivings we had.   The kids now adults continue to give , it is what Thanksgiving is about.  You will feel it.  Your turkey dinner will taste so much better!   You will be grateful you did!    Hey even if it is just saying Thank You to someone for what they do that is Thanksgiving!  GIVING  being the key here!


Turkey Day coming soon

Centered around the dinning room.

But that is not what it is about

Attitude of gratitude we all shout!

It is a day to share

Making sure all get to eat is what is fair.

Give and you really do receive,

Just try it and you will believe!


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One response to “Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. marilyn

    Yes, yes and yes!!! Right on, Linda:)

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