The Closet

I have a room that is my den, at least that is what it started as.  It has a desk facing the window looking at my garden and a beautiful Mountain that overlooks the beautiful place I live.  The walls are filled  with pictures of my  family which is my life and what I love most.   This room is small but it is also used as a place to stash things as in toys from the guest bedroom meant for the grandkids when they come, removed for a guest or two sometimes.  My hats, extra clothes, things I collect, mementos from the past, pictures, art supplies and games for the grandkids.  Toys from the past, teddy bears, the computer  and too much furniture because it has sentiment attached and we are not quite ready to give it up.  It is filled with more than a small room should hold.

Too much clutter that is for sure which they say clogs the brain.  But this room has so many good vibes coming from it the clutter seems to add to it.  To anyone else the content would have no value.  It is filled with things only worth anything to the heart of the beholder, which is me.   The books alone fill the room with knowledge and ideas, and adventures to put yourself in the middle of in your imagination.   The pictures tell a story of a family and their lives together growing up and adding to that family through the natural order of things, such as kids growing up and getting married and adding grandkids and so on and so much more.  It contains  inspiration for my writing.  It embraces and holds  memories, warmth and smiles and even tears.

There are tools for writing, drawing, thinking, playing, reading, music, and other things to stimulate and enjoy, to grow and to learn and to laugh.  Oh and there has been so much laughter I am grateful to say.

I relate to this room because it reminds me of my mind.  Sometimes it is cluttered with too many thoughts  but also with so many good memories and pictures and books in my head.   Just as in the room there is always movement of things going in and out.  Just as in the room there is learning, reading, writing, thinking, music, pictures, growing and laughter, and even a few cobwebs, just as the closet does.

Recently I found a dress  styled   like a vintage twenties flapper style dress.  I bought it not to wear but because it was just a fantastic dress and it evoked thoughts that could be the makings of a good story to write.  Twenty dollars is a great price for a good muse.    I hung it on the back of the door in my “room” when the awareness of this similarity of the room and my brain hit me.  And that is when I realized this was not a den.  It was not a room filled with just clutter.   This room, this mind is a closet  filled with opportunities to create, to remember, to clean out, to add too.  It is a creative play room that affords me the opportunity to create and or play.  And I intend to have fun using it!

“The Closet” holds can hold everything and anything you want it to.  Sometimes that is good and sometimes that is not good.  I realized I have to clean out that closet every so often to keep it open for new things, and to rid myself of any things that stop the flow.  I also realized it is ok to have “The Closet”.  So now when I walk in I do not feel overwhelmed with the sense I should clean it all out.  I look at it and think of all the wonderful stories and memories I have had in my life and smile.  I look at all the books and things that I have to open my mind and even change it at times with the gift of all the knowledge and creativity the books offer.  And I look at all the rest and I know that when the time comes it will move on and out both in the room and in my mind but for now I appreciate and enjoy the stimulation and the good things that made me want or need this or that item and the wonderful feelings it brings out in “The Closet”.



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5 responses to “The Closet

  1. sweetopiagirl

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    I do know that your blog does not pertain to weight loss, but I found the information on your blog very interesting. And hopefully you won’t mind me re-blogging you so that I can continue to read your information and hopefully share it with my followers as well. This will also bring new people to your site! Happy Holidays! 

  2. marilyn

    Really Lovely, Linda:)

  3. Teri

    You’ve made me feel better about my entire home Linda 😉
    Love ya ~ Teri

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