It’s Christmas Time!

Well we are on count down now and the rush begins. Not that there hasn’t been mad dashes doing this and that getting ready for the Holidays already,  but it is different the  last week.   There is last-minute shopping, decorating, cooking, parties, more shopping and cooking, and so much more to do before you’re through.

I made a point this year to stop and think about what Christmas is really about.   And ” Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus!”   I can remember when my kids realized the presents under the tree were from mom and dad and not Santa. (With us we slipped on the wrapping paper.  Ours was the same as Santa’s gifts and they saw us buying it.  Shows you little kids are smarter than Moms and Dads sometimes, lol!)   It really did not take them long.   I told them that there is really a Santa Claus but you can imagine with the population growing so much and the distance between all the stops in the world he needed help.   So he decided that moms and dads and even the store Santa’s would be the helpers.  But he was the head honcho and he gave the parents the list from the kids and he told them if the kids were naughty or nice.  And he decided on what you got, if you got and he has the final say.

Santa is a spirit. Feelings of good, appreciation, joy, fun, laughter, love, and faith and childhood memories are what he is about.   That is Santa. There are also feelings of sadness, loneliness, futility, emptiness, and despair for those who are alone or in need of help or whose memories are not so good.   Santa is the Spirit of Good and tries hard to spread those feelings to all the people in the world.  I like to think I help him with that by trying hard to spread good feelings.   Unfortunately he can’t do it himself.   Now personally I totally believe in the real reason of Christmas and that is God.  But I also do respect the fact that not everyone does.  That is your business and that is ok for you.  The fact that so many come together in peace and joy for this season is a beautiful thing.

Personally I refuse to let Santa go!   I love him!   I go through all the emotions most do at this time, memories of the past that hurt and some that make you smile.   Regrets we all have seem to come to light a little more as the New Year approaches which can make us sad.   Then Santa pops out and makes us all light up with joy!  Who does not like Santa?  I say very few people don’t like him.   So many more love him and his spirit, his intention, his life and his presence.   As I sit here thinking about it his gifts are all spiritual in itself.   So many people stop, shop, and cook so they can share this day is really incredible if you think about it.   Commercial yes, too much so I think, I hate to see Christmas come out at Halloween.   But I also think a lot of us are true believers of the good that Christmas can bring and the promise of a new start with the New Year!

So for this time whatever you believe, I wish you a wonderful holiday!  If you are alone and hurting or sick, I am sorry and pray for peace and health for you.  If you are broke and unemployed, remember it is not about the gifts and I hope that changes with the New Year for you!  For all that are homeless I pray you find shelter!

And when I say Merry Christmas I do not mean to offend you or push anything on you,  I just want to wish you Peace, Joy, and Love for even this short time!   May the New Year bring better things into your life!

And remember boys and girls, Santa is watching! HO! HO! HO! And to all a Good Night!

(A Little Poem)

Christmas time

People all around

Some happy

Some so sad

I hope you all can be glad

I wish you much joy.


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