THANK YOU! ( My opinion Only! – not advice or lecture!)

This is just a short post for the end of the year.  I want to thank all my friends old and new..   Your presence in my life means a lot.   Thank you for all your support and friendship you have given me and all I learn from all of you.   I thank all who have come into my life and taught me lessons good or bad, it is always good to learn.   I thank my writing friends for all their help and support and encouragement and fun!   I have to say to my surprise I thank Facebook for letting me talk to my family and friends in Europe and all around the country  and all the new friends I have made there.  I swear that is one thing I NEVER THOUGHT I WOULD join or do.  I thank IDC web site, you have all taught me so much and humble me with your strength and courage in life.   I thank WordPress for my free blog page, it is great that you do that.

Thank you for all who follow my posts and share the thoughts that circle my mind and come out any which way, sometimes making sense sometimes not.  Sometimes you may agree, and sometimes you may not.  I appreciate your opinion and your ideas on things.  I thank you for your posts and the things I learn from you all.

I  want to thank all the musicians of the world for the great music.  Music is such an important part of my life.  It is the best pain-killer both emotionally and physically.  It is a great mood lifter or excercise companion or just great entertainment.  I LOVE MUSIC so I am grateful that there is so so much good music out there.

I personally believe in God and thank HIM always for just being here and all the times he has carried me through (and boy it has been a hard road for him,lol, I am not easy) and of course I thank my family always for all the love and support I have from you and most of all just that I have you in my life.

I have always believed in an “ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE” but you know as Michael Franti sings ” I am a Human Being y’all.”   So I have to check my attitude all the time.  Sometimes I am not so successful and those times I apologize.   Because I am rich with friends and love and there is so much for me to be grateful for.    When I say this, I understand both sides believe me.  I have health issues and don’t work anymore, my hubby was laid off after 18 years like so many of you out there, I know how hard it is out there.  I do not say this lightly.  I know I am better off than so many others  but also I know down and out and been through the good and bad.  I just find that if I can remember to think about the good things I do have it makes me feel better.  THIS IS NOT A LECTURE  and by no means am I telling anyone what to do.  I am saying this is something that works for me.

This year I am working on “Letting Go More” grudges, old hurts,  things, and garbage in my life.  I have so much to work on but I know a little bite at a time is best.

So for now I feel it is very important that I thank you all for all you do and are.  I wish you a Happy New Year that brings you health, happiness, love, success and lots and lots of laughter.  I really believe in this life ” YOU GOTTA LAUGH OUT LOUD!”   I sincerely hope that all have peace and good things come your way.  And most of all sincerely, I  Thank you all!


(Grace this includes you!)



December 26, 2011 · 7:56 pm

4 responses to “THANK YOU! ( My opinion Only! – not advice or lecture!)

  1. marilyn

    This is so excellent and I Thank GOD for your friendship:)!!!!

  2. Great post thanks. I really enjoyed it very much. You have an excellent blog here.

    Love writing? We would love for you to join us!

    Writers Wanted

  3. Jane


    You and our long distance friendship help me keep going. Oh yes, and the laughter is essential – don’t ever change your screen name on IDC!! 🙂

  4. Jenna

    Bless u, and Thanks Happy New Year :o)

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