Mountains to Climb

Mountains to Climb

I have done some wonderful hikes in my life allowing me to see things of nature that left me in awe still to this day, many years later.   It made me do things that I never thought I would or could do.  It opened my mind up to so many possibilities because if I could do some of these hikes I could do anything.   Hiking was very hard on my body but I loved it and it was worth the pain and effort.   One Hike I loved and meant so much I did it five times.  It is a small mountain in comparison to the many beautiful mountains we are surrounded by.    It is a piece of art in the sky that draws people from all over to hike.  It is a center piece of beauty.   It is about  4,000 ft high and mostly switchbacks.    It is steep and used to train for bigger mountains.  Climbing it helped me take control of some fears and some issues I had carried around.   I learned some things about nature and survival and myself.   Being on top of that mountain and looking over my little world below was so incredible.   That is the only way I can describe it.   Plus the feeling that I did it, I actually made it. That is a feeling that everyone should experience themselves.  Each will feel it different but I bet we all will agree that it is a great feeling.   There were times I was almost in tears thinking I wouldn’t reach the top let alone make it back down.  But I did it!

I cannot do what I used to physically but I still have many mountains to climb.  I think everyone has a mountain or two to climb.  And they are not all physical mountains as much as mountains in our mind.  Some I know I need to climb to be a better person.  Some I need to climb to free myself of a fear.  Some I need to climb to explore and open up my mind’s eye to all there is to see in life and let go enough to enjoy it and appreciate it all.  Other mountains I have to climb to help someone.  This year I need to climb other mountains.  Something to prove to myself I can do it.   This is my something to push myself higher up and forward to new and exciting grounds.  I want to use all the life I have in me to see all the life there is out there.

This year I choose to climb two mountains.     I have reached the top and down again on many mountains so these two will be no different.  More work, yes it will be.   It will be steeper, harder  and I am older but there will be more gratification at the bottom of the other side.   I may decide on another mountain also because ” I am a work in progress and boy do I need work.”  But having these mountains to climb keeps me on track.   I will let you know when I reach the top and what I see.  I know the view will be great!

I wish you all good weather and conditions for your hike up your mountains.  May you all reach the top and enjoy the breathtaking view and as you head down you are released from any concerns and when you take that last step at the bottom and conquered your mountain, you are free to do as you dreamed, free to be you.



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14 responses to “Mountains to Climb

  1. That is great to hear; it is definitely not an easy task to get up there. My friends and I go hiking and camping in the Catskills, NY, for about three days or so, two or three times a year, and it’s a new adventure every time:)) Great post and I’m looking forward to sharing with you more:))

    • Thank you for your comments. I can imagine that is a beautiufl area to see. That sounds like a great trip to do. Nothing like being surrounded by Mother Nature’s Beautiy. I look forward to reading your blog.

  2. marilyn

    Excellent !!!

  3. A wonderful endeavor and very inspiring! May you enjoy the journey along the way and may the weather be gorgeous for you that day!

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  5. Very inspiring. I wish you fair weather for all of your journeys too!

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  8. I was more and more inspired each time I read a post talking up mountain climbing.

    Thank you too for sharing!

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  10. There is something magical for me about climbing mountains and try to find time to do so on a regular basis. Best of luck to you as you sally forth!

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