Mrs. Life and Mr. Procrastination and Goals! And Writing Contest!

So I started out again with the best intentions with my goals for this year!   I consider goals my mountains to climb in my mind and I also consider them a necessary part of my life.  It is something to motivate and push myself on and up.   Now I no longer set unrealistic goals (who am I trying to kid,lol?)  I try anyway.  And I try not to beat myself up when I don’t make one.  It really isn’t worth the mental and emotional spanking you give yourself.  So you don’t make it you can try again.  This year I really set more realistic ones but…..!    I have kept to some but then there is that reason that always comes into play of letting something else get in the way.  One of my goals was to catch up on my letter writing.  I had stuff since Christmas!  Well that is not so bad you say!  Well ya if it was this last Christmas,lol.  But it was the Christmas before!

Then there is my weight loss goal.  I lost some  pounds, boy was I happy.  I gained some back.  Luckily caught myself and am down some again but hey I am behind on that too.  You know these chocolate bars keep sneaking into my house and talking to someone else inside me that keeps saying yes, yes,yes I will love to have some chocolate.  So now I have to find out who is doing this and take care of that.  I mean the nerve of them.  I do not even want chocolate!          (Ok so I lied!) lol!

Then there is my writing!  I have had some legit reasons that got in the way  but I still could be doing my writing .  I have a book I am trying to edit and some other things to clean up and try to get in somewhere.  But again that Mr. Procrastination keeps sneaking into my house and he sure is in league with someone because they are distracting me to no end.

Speaking of writing Ladies and Gentleman, Young Adults,  who love the art of writing our writing group is having a writing contest.  If anyone of you out there are interested please go to  for  rules and dates! (NEED TO HURRY FOR CONTEST)  It is a yearly thing and Casz who started this great group always comes up with great prompts.  If you like to write please  check it out.

Then of course there is my blog.  I promised myself I would keep this up a lot more and find good ideas and keep it updated.  Well you can see that hasn’t happened yet either,lol!    But I am working on it.

So why is it that this happens?  Well of course Mrs. Life has her own ideas on what your schedule is sometimes.  She has a habit of saying hey wait a minute I have something more important you need to do.  Or hey that has to wait for this or that.   Between Mrs. Life  and Mr. Procrastination it is a long way up that mountains we set our sites on.    Do we expect too much from ourselves or do we expect too little?   Maybe if we did expect more we would follow through more, or is it that we set them too high, I am not sure.  I do know we sometimes really put unrealistic goals on ourselves and that in itself is a deal breaker.  Now I set smaller goals to lead up to the bigger ones.  I will get back up on the trail and finish that climb up so that by the end of the year I might reach the top.

Goals are very important in life I believe.  They make you reach for the stars.  And everyone deserves a star.   Having goals and working for them gives you more chances at the type of life you want for yourself.    That helps your mental and emotional health.  And when you reach a goal you have set it is a wonderful feeling.

So I am having a meeting with Mrs. Life and Mr. Procrastination this weekend and we are going to seriously sit down and get this settled.  I am talking to life about sharing the time with me,  I know she is the boss but she has to give me some time for me  too.  And as far as Mr. Procrastination he will be sent away.  He can not come over here anymore.  He is not allowed to come and play and most certainly can not come and stay anymore.  He has gotten to comfortable here and  is just got to find another home.    Now I have been warned he is hard to get rid of.   And he really seems to like me.  This last few years he has really taken advantage of me and some of the circumstances that Mrs. Life has put in front of me but now I am mad and I am standing up to him and kicking him out.

Well we shall see how this comes out in the end.  Let’s hope I will be strong and win this game and make it up that mountain I put before myself to climb.  I hope you are having better luck with yours!




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4 responses to “Mrs. Life and Mr. Procrastination and Goals! And Writing Contest!

  1. marilyn

    You are so funny, Linda!!! I see a new freedom in your laughter:)
    Trying to keep up with you 🙂

  2. I so needed to read this today! Mr. Procrastination seems to take his time in leaving us alone, doesn’t he. (smile). Thank you for the motivational, enjoyable chuckle!

  3. I love the Mrs. Life and Mr. Procrastination schtick. I will follow your advice and try a meeting to kick him out! 🙂

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