Words, The Meaning And How They Are Used!

Many words can be used in various ways with different meanings.  We have so many beautiful words in this life.  Words can be used to help or hurt.  They can help and turn someone’s life around.  They can cut and destroy as well and that hurts more than a knife can.   The use of words is a power that should be used always in the right way.

One never knows how their words will affect someone.  I don’t know how many of you are old enough to remember when the word “Bitchin” was very popular.  It meant cool or good or awesome.  I remember my mom all dressed up to go out one night and she looked beautiful.  I told her she looked “Bitchen”!    OMG!  Well I won’t get into that but it was not good.  She  had learned the word Bitch or Bitching was a very bad word.   She was mad and probably hurt.   That is the reason there are so many different reactions to some of the words.  It is how we learn their meaning or their use.

If I have something very important to say,  I am trying to learn to stop, think, and remember how that particular person reacts to words  if possible.  Some people are more sensitive and we can say the same thing to one and it will help and to another it can hurt.  So we not only have to choose our words wisely but know the person we are going to use them on.  Words are sometimes very hard to take back.  That is why if we have something important to say, a thought about what and how we say it is important.

Words  spoken out of hurt or anger in the heat of a moment will almost always come out wrong and will end up with someone hurt.   A few deep breaths or a break in the conversation are best in this situation.   Words spoken out of kindness and love, caring,  meant to come out to help still need a thought about the what, how and who we say it to so that the wrong reactions aren’t invoked.

This is especially true in children.  This is so very very important.   Children are molded by their family or care takers and their environment.   What we say to a child can stay with them for the rest of their lives.  Their thought process could be shaped by it.  How they feel about themselves and others is so many times based from it.  We tell a child that they are ugly enough they will believe it.  Everything we say to a child gets absorbed by that child.  Some handle it and see past it, so many don’t.  That is part of the reason we have so many broken people in this world I feel.

I have to constantly remind myself of this because I am a very emotional person and react emotionally.     When I have had reason to be very upset with someone and needed to tell them, I have had to apologize for HOW I said it.  Sometimes it is too late the damage is done.

Actually my writing has taught me this.   I have a great writing group I am in and through the critiques and sharing our thoughts on the words we use;  I am becoming aware of  how each person reacts to  certain words or phrases.  It made me very aware of what I say. (Thank You to all in SnoValleyWrites)

Words are a wonderful means of communication if used right!  It is just a basic fact of life, we are all different, we all react different and we all perceive differently.

And Thank Goodness for that!



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2 responses to “Words, The Meaning And How They Are Used!

  1. Very true about the importance and power of words. Sometimes it’s just a kind word to someone to turn things around.

  2. Marilyn

    Excellent Truth:)

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