I Started A New Journal Called The Morning Flow!

The Morning Flow

As some of you may know I am involved with a great writing group and get these wonderful prompts to promote ideas for our writing. (Thank You again Casz, (founder of SnoValleyWrites!))

Writing is a passion but it is a therapy too. I have written forever in journals, note pads, even napkins, on whatever I can. My feelings flowed freer especially with a pen. When I got the computer it was great because my handwriting is bad and it is so much faster and I could write so much more and my mind does not have spell check anymore and the computer does. But I noticed eventually that things didn’t always come out as easily and sometimes not as honestly as before. I seemed to filter my thoughts and then of course the computer corrects things as it should but first the thoughts should spill out onto the paper as they happen without punctuation or grammar corrections.

The prompt this week is to write every morning, three pages at least, long hand, and just letting our mind go. Don’t stop to think about it let the mind talk without a filter, “strictly stream-of-consciousness” is how it is put. The point I feel is to let the mind free to write what “IT” wants to say not letting “ME” butt in. At first that thought scared me because my mind has so much going on. Four pages in a new journal started for this prompt and THIS blog later I feel so much better. I even found as I was writing, words, ideas and thoughts started to sneak out that I could use in a poem or a story. That writer in me that is in my heart and soul started stealing a line or two to say what it knows.

It reminded me and took me back to what it was like to sneak out my journal and write my TRUE feelings as a child and young girl and how it could change tears to a smile. It could take me away to anywhere I wanted to be. It could share a secret and it would never tell. It was my best friend. I remember writing about getting hurt and being in love, and getting married. My journals helping me go through my pregnancies and sharing with me the joys of my son’s births and growth and so much more. It could be about love or hate, pain, anger, happiness, job or health issues, new shoes, who cares? It is just letting out those thoughts and feelings, freely. No fear just honest emotions and thinking. I even found this little ditty sneak out after this morning 4 AM session which gave a grumpy me a smile.

I can tell you a pen and a journal is the one of the cheapest forms of therapy you can get.

It can bring a smile or can bring tears; make sure to be careful so the pages don’t get wet.

The feelings are real coming from the heart and your head.

Using the pen is more trustworthy the truth to be said.

Now the form may be off but that is not what it is about.

It is about the mind being free to let it all hang out!

No one has to see and no one has to know,

And the best part is you can let so much go!

This is not just for writers. This can help anyone. I started doing it as a child before I knew I wanted to write. It can help our mind to think clearly and free for any issues or questions or decisions it has to make. I had forgotten the release it brings. Even if there is nothing I need to figure out it opened up a new day for me with a lighter step. I will still use the computer but I will now use my journals again (and I have so many very cool ones) every morning to let the mind clear the fog it is in from lack of sleep and such. I will use it to share my joys and sorrows again and I know that it will help. And when it is time to sit and write my words will flow freer. And best yet my mind will be relieved of its burdens and constraints giving me an open door to have a better day!

If you feel your thoughts are locked behind the door of constraint, you may want to try it; I think you may find it will give you the key to open the door! Who know’s what will happen you may even find that you are a writer too!



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2 responses to “I Started A New Journal Called The Morning Flow!

  1. Marilyn

    Marvelous, Linda!!! Truth will set us free, indeed!!!

  2. I’m glad you had such a great inaugural session with Miss Julia Cameron’s Morning Pages from The Artist’s Way. You have to get all that other mental debris out of the way and dredge through things so you can be sharp and clear headed for writing. And, as you found out, the exercise showers you with ideas.

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