The last few years I have really been working on my writing.  I now realize that poetry is still my love.  It seems to flow from me naturally.  I have posted a few on some of my past blogs and will be working on my poetry and posting more here.   I will call it “My Own Poetry Corner” on the days I post it.  The more I work on it the better I hope to get.

I think poetry is a great tool to teach younger kids things.   When they are very young and learn nursery rhymes and other fun rhymes they are more likely to remember what they are learning. It would be fun and they might not be so overwhelmed.  How many people were taught the nightly prayer, “Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep”?  How many of you that did still remember it?   I know I do!  And how about the Dr. Seuss Books? I think a lot of us remember “Green Eggs and Ham with Sam I Am”.

There are so many talented poets out there and I would love to see more people read poetry.  A poem can cheer us up which helps relieve stress.   “It can make us laugh or cry it can make us ask why?”

This is not the first poem I wrote. It is my first published poem. It actually has been three different times. The first time was in 1968 in a magazine.   I then entered it in a contest in 2000 and it won a place in a book with a collection of many other wonderful poems called “Flowering Splendor”.   In 2010 it was published again in  View, Voices & Verses,  Sno Valley Writes 1st Anniversary Zine .  Thankfully most poetry is timeless.

Poetry is an expression of one’s loves, and passions and thoughts for me.  I write rhyming poems and what I call freestyle poetry.   I have had no formal training in it.  I am now just learning there are all kinds of styles and formats for it.  I am enjoying learning and experimenting with the different formats.  But my natural style still is as my name says writingwildly!

As long as I am writing, I am happy! I hope you enjoy and feel free to comment if you like.

**I wrote this when I was a young wide-eyed dreamer and Viet Nam was the news.   I can still hear Buffalo Springfield singing “For What It’s Worth” (which was not actually about Viet Nam but the protests) or Country Joe and the Fish “I Think I Am Fixin To Die”.   I never had any experience with guns except what I heard and knew that so many of my generation and even friends had been damaged physically and emotionally and even dying from them is all I knew.   But I certainly had my ideas, right or wrong when you are seventeen your ideas are what is real! **


Received at the tender age of two,

It is fake.

Again at the age of eight, a new model but still not real.

Now he’s taught that the gun is to kill.

At fifteen a still newer model,

But this time to hunt.

At seventeen a better one yet,

But this time it’s really out to get.

Not the deer, the rabbit, or a tin can,

This target is a human man.

Shipped over to a faraway place.

Start shooting at every different face.

Died at the age nineteen with the gun that started his death at two.


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