THE POETRY CORNER – Fireman and Paramedics!

I have always appreciated what Fireman and Paramedics do.    I know we all read about their daring acts everyday.   But until it happens to you it is just something you hear about and while we can understand how important they are, I wonder how many really understand how fully they give of themselves.  Personally I don’t think I would ever want to deal with what they see and handle in their lives.  Death is a fact of life but they also see things that are worse than death so many times.

I wrote this poem in a very stressful situation so it’s written without thought to format or grammar.   It is one of my “thought” poems that comes from the heart to the brain.  Sometimes it is just what it is.   My experience thankfully  was nothing compared to what they deal with everyday but it was enough to teach me a new appreciation of all they do for anyone who might need them, no matter how big or small the need is.  Death is a fact of life, but they deal with and things that are worse than death many times.   It takes a certain kind of person to do that and still be caring for the next person without being jaded by the many tragic events they see.



(Especially for those in N.Bd. Wa)

Fireman and Paramedics save many lives.

That is why they are here you should realize.

They come like lightning to help you night or day,

They show up out of nowhere in their own caring way.

It could be a fire or a heart attack.

It could be nothing but they won’t turn back.

They are strong and face danger when they have to.

They are gentle and kind when they work on you.

You could be strong or crying like a child.

They still treat you with caring all awhile.

They make sure your calm and check you out.

They speed around with attention to see what it is about.

And if it seems your life is slipping out to that last edge.

They help you immediately they do not hedge.

And even if it looks like you are ok,

If there is a doubt to the hospital they take you anyway.

They stay with you till they see you are cared for,

Helping the doctors with information and more.

Do you ever stop to think what they constantly see?

How many horrible things in life that can be?

And yet they smile and say kind words.

So that you feel safe during what has occurred.

And how about risking their own lives they are willing to do?

They do it without hesitation even not knowing me or you.

So next time you see them flying down the road.

Move your car over and follow the code.

And make sure to think a kind thought.

You never know when your last-minute you bought.

And don’t you feel good knowing they act as one.

To change that outcome to a new minute won.

Make sure you smile when walking by.

Make sure to tell them you are glad they try.

Because when you need them they are there.

They come to save you when you are scared.

They not only do it, they do it and care.

They do it with pride and they know it’s been rough.

To  SAY THANK YOU would never be enough.


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