Under Construction


I am in the progress of revising my blog page.  I am working on the page with the list of blogs I follow.  Plus I am working on several ideas.  I am having to read and teach myself about some of this.  Luckily I had a friend who knows about this stuff and has helped me get started on the page with the names of the blogs I follow.  I want to also learn more about this as before I was just flying by the seat of my pants.   I have had so much going on that I  was just doing what I could to keep up and not putting in the attention to details and  giving the attention needed to do each thing right.  So  I am looking at other blogs, reading about blogs and getting ideas on how to make mine better.  (Being more consistent in blogging would be the main thing,lol)  This weekend I have a long long time good friend staying with me for a few days so I well not be working,lol.

I plan to play!  Already that concept has given me ideas on blogs to write.  Playing is important to keep  you fresh.  Laughter is great medicine for you mind and your heart and soul.  So I plan on doing a lot of that and I hope you all get to do some too.

So Stay tuned and I hope to really get this tuned up and get it going on a regular basis with things that will interest you all!  Have a great week!



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