This is A Test!

This is a test.  I am working changing this blog.  I admit to not being very technical. LOL!  I have to say I appreciate WordPress and all the info they have in their support pages.  Hopefully I followed it!  If this does not come out right it is User Error.  Have a great day!

Thoughts on Writing

Writing it down to express yourself

Lets you know how you felt

Without constrictions on your thoughts letting your thinking and not get caught

Without prisons of what should be said or how it sounds

Often leads to things that are profound

Free your mind to lead your hand to let your feelings be told as they stand

Without the bars to keep them in it will let you know that they are real

And this is how you really feel

A freedom comes with this you see

And lets you free to really say what you feel that is the key.


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