THE POETRY CORNER – Oh Beautiful Tomatoes!

As a writer sometimes prompts help get the creative juices flowing.  I have had many distractions lately  so my writing has been neglected.  Plus I have to admit I am still trying to figure out all the technical things that go with this page.    So when a friend mentioned a prompt on tomatoes, and since we had just planted ours I  quickly penned out this little ditty!  (my garden this year is one big salad!  YUM!

Sometimes even a silly ditty can get you going again!  Now maybe I can get back to my writing!

Oh Beautiful Tomatoes!

Tomatoes of mine,

I can’t wait till it is your time.

Spaghetti sauce, tomato soup and salads galore,

All fares of food I adore.

I love to watch you grow,

You will be delicious that I know,

Your beautiful red brightens my day,

And you are healthy for me in every way.

You bless my table with your presence,

And fill me with your delectable essence.



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3 responses to “THE POETRY CORNER – Oh Beautiful Tomatoes!

  1. This made me smile and reminded me of a song I love called, Homegrown Tomatoes. I hope you have a bumper crop!

  2. Love the new look to your blog too! 🙂

  3. caszbrewster

    Like the new look, as well. I harvested herbs today and am busy making essential oils and drying for spices. I’ll blog about it likely over at my blog (
    I may have to come to you to get tomatoes, though. Mine are taking too long to come up…

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