Thank You to My Fellow Blogger who Nominated Me for the Illuminating Blogger Award

I am honored to have been nominated for the Illuminating Blogger Award at  by a fantastic blogger herself tommiaw at  Thank you Tommia for your support.

I have so much to learn still on blogging so this is a special gift.  I know I can’t keep up posting all the time so I look in awe to the bloggers that do and for all the wonderful info I have learned.  Thank you Food Stories for this Award.

Here are some bloggers I  would like to nominate for this award.  (Please check out the Illuminating Blogger Award Page for directions) will do the same and nominate you back because you keep me going with you humor and your pictures and descriptions that draw you in of her wonderful hikes and adventures. is an artist in many fields.  Her love of beauty shows in her pictures and words.   Casz’s Fiction Farm is a fun, informative mix of gardening, cooking, and writing and life on her urban patch.  I is a fun young fresh point of view and by the way Sara loved Welcoming June with Open Arms today.

http://Stories of My Wandering Feet (& Mind) is a great adventurer he is and to beautiful places with beautiful pictures so it is like you are there.  is a great mix of her thoughts and love of writing and her love of her family and life. Avant-Garde In y Backyard  is another good  artist in many fields.   Jacquelyn has a strong imagination and you will enjoy the variety of artistic methods she displays.

We are asked to put one random thing about myself  which is I am still trying to figure me out, maybe one day!! lol!

I have to thank so many bloggers out there.  I can hardly keep up but I am constantly learning and being entertained and informed.  I thank you all.  I do not know how they do it.  I will have to learn to keep up.

And I thank   for this opportunity and for all the time they invest in their blog.


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One response to “Thank You to My Fellow Blogger who Nominated Me for the Illuminating Blogger Award

  1. Food Stories

    Congrats on your nomination! Also, thanks so much for your kind words about Food Stories. It is a significant investment of time but I love connecting with new people!

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