Kind And Encouraging Words Starting With Our Children!

Children are little bundles of clay that can be molded into many different kinds of people. I believe so much depends on the love and words they are fed from the time of their birth on. Now I know that some people just don’t respond to anything and go their own way and do whatever they want good or bad no matter how they have been raised. But most can be given self esteem, confidence, courage, and a good attitude to help them accomplish anything they want. But they have to be told that from the beginning so they know and believe it. They need to hear from the people they love how great they are.

I am a mom, Grammy and most important an observer. I see a lot and hear a lot. First let me say raising kids is one of the hardest jobs on earth. And believe me I am no expert I have made many mistakes, but one thing I do know and that is kids need to be held with love and the actions need to be reinforced with the words and vice versa.

Words can make or break a child and carry on for the rest of their lives. I know children that have been berated and put down from day one and they so many times end up to be broken people. Some function through life but so many of them have very low self esteem and that can cause them to make decisions that are not good for them. Some can proceed on anyway thankfully and many cannot.

I hear people telling their kids they are stupid, dumb, bad, fat, too skinny, ugly, whatever just negative. If you are told enough that you are a failure, or no good, you start to believe it. And when you believe it everything you know and do come from that perspective. If you are told you are smart and beautiful and can do anything you put your mind too enough you believe that and you go out and accomplish so much more. You look at life with that positive strong confidence that you can handle it.

I truly believe this and have seen it so many times. Everyone needs encouragement and kind words. That has to start at birth. I believe that if it is done more we would have happier people in this world doing more for themselves and others. When you feel good about yourself you feel better about others.

Words can wonderful and healing or they can devastate someone. Whichever they hear will stay with that child forever. What kind of adult do you want your child to be? Our children should be taught that they can be strong and confident in themselves to be able to try life’s many wonderful adventures and make it through its trials and tests. They must be made to be comfortable in themselves no matter what.

So next time you say something to your little one I hope you remember that words can be a sword. It can give them power to help them through life or it can cut them down forever!

I am reminded of the Song Lady Gaga sings, I WAS BORN THIS WAY! “God made me this way, and He makes no mistakes! I am on the right track!” In the song her mom tells her she is a SUPERSTAR! All children are superstars and should always be taught how special they are! They are our future!



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2 responses to “Kind And Encouraging Words Starting With Our Children!

  1. marilyn meek

    This is so profound, Linda, that I want to cry!!! Bless you for speaking out on this topic!!!! We can make a huge difference in the world, ours and globally with the words we choose to share!!!
    Loving you, marilynxoxoxox

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