Do We Really See What We Are Looking At?

I still have many lessons to learn.  And at almost 63 years young I am sure I will have many more to go!  I am ready and able and excited to learn them!

I had a discussion with a friend about a photograph of myself.    I was really taken back a bit by what he saw.  It was something that I usually try to hide but he saw it.  We have not known each other that long or that well so that told me a lot about him.    And it seemed so natural and easy to him because that is how he looks and sees all the time.    He really looked at the whole picture.  And he saw the  whole picture instead of just the surface of  it.  This is probably why I learn from him.  He has better vision of life because he sees what he looks at.  That would give someone better understanding in many things.

Sometimes  I do this  especially with nature, I love it so I really look at all of it and into it,  but  I don’t use that valuable sight in my everyday life often enough.    And I don’t take that extra fleeting second to open up my heart and mind  and other senses to see with.    This would not only help me in my writing but in my life itself.    Sometimes we have to open our eyes and really look into something more deeply which means opening up the heart and mind and all of yourself.    Sometimes we have to look within more deeply  to see the whole picture clearly.   Maybe that is why some of us don’t do it.    Sometimes it can hurt and many more times it can help and give us wonderous things to see and more knowledge to navigate our way with less dissapointment and more appreciation of what we have or don’t have.   This is a good thing!  Our judgements would be changed opening up our world even more.

I think it is something that can help me  in my  decisions making and judgment  as well as give me more  insight into any ponderings  I have.

When I look at something or someone I will really try to open my eyes, mind and heart and see the whole picture and the story it is telling.   I realize because that by not doing it all the time, I have been missing out.    I have robbed myself of some valuable insight.  This can help in judgment of character, or in decisions making.   We were given this ability but I know I don’t use it enough and I think I am not alone in this.

This got me thinking about the Hidden Object games or where’s Waldo books I sometimes like to play.  There is always a picture within a picture.  It is very important to see all of it.  Once you do it is easy and it is fascinating what can be in the picture.    I realize now it is a mistake to just see the surface.    I will now make an effort to really look and really see the whole picture.  This got me thinking about the little girl in me.  Most of the times she saw what she looked at as most all children do.

She needs to come out more I guess! LOL!    It is a new view of the world and all its wonders!

I want to Thank my Friend for reminding me.  I have learned lots from him but this by far is one of the more important things.

I hope next time you look at a picture or anything with your eyes, try and  use your heart and mind as well and you will be surprised at how much you can really see.  I think you will like your new view.



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2 responses to “Do We Really See What We Are Looking At?

  1. Looking beyond the blank wall … I had a similar post and just can’t help reminiscing the times I was discussing this to my students. That was the turning point of their lives, according to them. I mean, after sharing my views on looking beyond things.

  2. marilyn meek

    Again,Linda, very wise words!!! Looking at your new heading … I see your beautiful garden that you nurture and tend…not only the flowers but your husband, children and grandchildren and friends!!! You are so very precious to me!!!
    Joy, marilynxoxoxoxo

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