I had my 63rd birthday this week. I wrote this for my 60th and it still stands for the 63rd.
“I am 63 years young. My heart and soul swear to it, my body screams liar and if and when I find my mind, IF I remember I will ask it. I believe you gotta laugh out loud!”

The truth is I love my birthdays. I celebrate for at least a week or so. Sure I look in the mirror and am surprised at the aging process but I have learned that beauty is what comes from the heart and what comes out when you speak and how you treat others, not what is in the mirror. You are as young as you feel and think. Sure, my body really feels it plus some but then what it has been put through I guess it is entitled. I have walked up close to death’s door several times before. He didn’t pull me in (he isn’t ready for the fight I will put up) but it scared me enough to know I want to celebrate many more birthdays. Keeping them coming is what is important. The bottom line is the alternative of not having a birthday is not a better idea and I am not ready for that. I have too much to enjoy and too much life to live yet. And most important I have so much more to learn and so much more baggage to dump before I make THAT trip. It is always easier to travel light.
I believe being open to learning new things keeps you young. It is never too late to learn and change. And it seems the older I get the more I am learning. I have so much more life to live. I am what you call a late bloomer! Lol! Lol!
If I am open to it and work for it, there is nothing I can’t learn. I just heard about a 92 year old man graduating from college. Wow, now that is being open and working hard. His age did not get in the way probably because he didn’t let it. That is how kids are! I think we need to keep that kid in us around to help with the journey.
I believe from my experience and observations of little kids that if we take the FEAR out of it and open ourselves to everything without the burdens of what we think we know about things or what we think will happen we can always learn more. I know this is true for me. The saying “You can’t teach old dogs new tricks” is just not so. So I am working on removing “what I knew” and replacing it to what can I learn.
I realize that this is different for everyone and everyone has had different experiences that color their life in good or bad ways. I have finally realized I can change the colors I see by letting go and opening up to what is good out there and what I can learn from it. I still believe there is lots of good and even in bad situations good can be in the mix. We just have to look for it and then grab it and hang on for dear life.
So I am still celebrating my birthday and may decide to do it the whole month. But I am really celebrating the fact that I have learned new things and am learning more. I am alive and grateful for it and life is still good even with any of the bad I have experienced it is worth dragging this old body out of bed every day to find and experience lots of new wonders. And most of all I have learned what I thought and learned about what is important isn’t and I have learned and am learning more on what really is important.

So have a Great Birthday when yours comes around and take the time to celebrate it and all it means! Happy Birthday!

Happy Happy Birthday
Is what we say
Do we take the time to celebrate the day?
Think about the alternative if it didn’t come around
Celebrate the fact that you still have that is profound!



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2 responses to “HAPPY BIRTHDAYS!

  1. marilyn meek

    Oh, Linda, what a magnificent blog!!! You really outdid yourself!!! You touched on so many important thoughts!!! Thank you so much for sharing yourself!!!
    Joy, Marilynxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxoxooxooxx

  2. Carol Brown

    Thanks LInda. I was 63 in June. Hard to believe isn’t it.Love your writings.

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