My Lesson On Judging Others

Star carried herself with such confidence and her contagious smile always caught everyone’s eye. She put out a positive, confident energy that made everyone think she was in comfortable in herself. To look at her you would never guess she had been traumatized all her life by abuse and was desperate for love she never had.
Star was a very tall lady about 5’8 or so and loved high heels. And I mean high. It was stunning to see her in her suits and her very high heels. And she always had a great big smile and was full of laughter. She used to tease me and try to get me to wear higher heels. She had such an air of confidence it was amazing. I knew inside it was different from what she let people see. She told me things of her life that would have broken many people but she refused to let them and rushed head on into life with an attitude of Grace and love.
She had these beautiful red high heels she only wore once. They were really expensive and they were beautiful. Personally I get nose bleed up that high but she wanted me to have them and said I would look sexy and love it.
I happened to have a red suit so I tried them and they fit perfectly and formed to my feet with ease like a soft easy glove, and the feel of the soft rich leather instantly warmed my feet and it felt like they were wrapped in silk. The leather moved with each step easily and gently. Although I wasn’t comfortable or confident about wearing them they felt great.

There was no reason for me not to wear them so I wore them with my red suit the next day. Within an hour or so I had searing pain shooting up my legs like knives ripping them up and down and my feet hurt so bad I was in tears. I had nothing to replace them with and customers to meet so washed the tears away and had to pull myself together and deal with it.
I always thought I did a pretty good job of not judging things I don’t know about, but sadly I was wrong. Sometimes Star’s decisions or actions would give cause for some to judge her. That included me I am sorry to say.
I was reminded on that day on the way home after wearing her shoes, as I drove barefoot and in horrible pain of an old proverb I had heard.

“Don’t Judge me till you walk a mile in my shoes”

From that day on I make a daily effort not to judge anyone on anything. Her shoes hurt like hell’s burning rage. And I couldn’t make it a block let alone a mile. . I will always be grateful to her for many things especially her wonderful friendship and because of the lesson reminding me not judge. They were beautiful but I don’t know how she could wear them and be as gracious and giving as she was because I know I was very far from gracious that day.
I will say Star was right about one thing, dang for a couple of minutes I did feel sexy! (At least for a few moments!)


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