I have felt little hints before.

But my answer came today when I opened the door.

The air is chilled and the skies not clear.

The fog is on top of our mountain dear.

Suddenly I noticed some trees.

When did their colors start to change?

It must have come with the breeze.

We know the seasons have its own range.

Summer and fall play hand in hand.

So one day you’re warm,

and the next you feel a chill.

But many days still tease ,

with the feel of the summer  ease.

But fall is just around the bend ,

waiting like an old friend.

To wake up your senses ,

with a show of colors.

What a delight!

It truly can be a wonderful sight!

And now I watch the sun go down.

And even though the heat of summer still stays around,

Tonight’s sun set even says it so.

The red in the sky means summer has another day.

Telling you there is more time to go and play.

The sunset with its brilliance steals the show.

The mountain has a golden glow.

It may be cool at night and when you wake,

but summer is still here.


Fall chuckles to herself, she knows who will steal the view.

It is something fall likes to do.

The nights and the mornings she has already claimed.

So gently she dropped the temps so not all notice the change.

So she challenges summer to throw out his best reds in the sunset,

but she says she is coming in and “I am a force you have not met”.


I enjoy the beautiful summer days and they are the best in their own way.

But I love the fall and all her show,

So good-bye to summer it is time for him to go!




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One response to “FALL SLIPS IN

  1. marilyn meek

    Love, Love, Love Your Poetry, Linda!!!!

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