About ten years ago I saw what it was like when you die and have collected everything and anything that came your way and put it in your home and now is left for your family to dispose of.   It was a mess and very hard work, emotionally and physically, for the family.   I was shocked what people keep.   I decided then and there I would not leave that kind of mess or work to my kids.   But I am a collector of junk, lol.

I did well for a while then I slacked off.  We downsized homes and that is when you really notice how much stuff you have.

If the kids like something I try to give it to them now.   But they have their own things and taste.   So most of the stuff will be garbage, give aways or garage sale.    So this last two years I started again.  I am doing ok but I have to admit that I start piles of this and that to donate or trash but find myself pulling things back out due to the sentiment of it.  I know I don’t need it.  I can’t remember most of the time when I looked at it last but yet I still hang on to it.   Oh and then there is the idea that I MAY need it eventually.  (That has happened and of course I got rid of the item already.)  That is a rare thing, lol!  Then of course I hate waste so if it can’t be reused by someone else I can’t stand the idea of something perfectly good going to the garbage.

I had every card I that was given to me for my engagement, wedding and babies births and of the kid’s cards.  I had napkins from my wedding shower, wedding, baby showers, etc,    I think you understand the problem, lol, but I finally let them go.  I let go of all the macaroni art   and things that the kids made for me, well except one or two things.  I tried to give it to them, lol, they laughed, and we all laughed because I knew it was time.

Clothes are a good one.  I have a rule if I buy something I have to give something away.   (Very small closet)  I have of course the different sizes and think will I will be there again and oh but what if I need it?   I am good about giving them away although I still have too many.

Pictures, well that is a hard one for me.  And I have miles of them from my childhood, (I have all my dad’s pictures and he loved taking them).  I have pictures throughout  my 2 yrs pre marriage and 43 years of marriage, 2 sons which include of course the usual “FIRSTS”, games, proms, dates, girls, awards, accomplishments and my sons made me proud a lot.  Then a wedding, the first house and graduations from college, job accomplishments  and  then grandchildren, wonderful grandchildren, three so far and one on the way .  Oh I could go on and that is not counting hubby and I and everything we did and took pictures off.   While building our home on five acres we took pictures of every step made building it.   Well I was running out of space for them.  So I started scanning them to discs.  Yes I have a lot of discs but still better than all the pictures.  Still have a few more to do.   The hardest part is throwing the pictures themselves away.  Some I gave away but oh what a hard thing to do.  Still working on that one.

So my question is what do other people do to purge, get rid of, and dump whatever?  How do you talk yourself into letting go?  That is the secret of course is letting go.  That is my problem.  So any suggestions or ideas please feel free to add to the comments.  I am sure I am not the only one with this problem.  What criteria to you use to decide if you should keep or get rid of something?  Maybe some of your ideas will help me and others going through the same thing.


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