I Will Do This! NaNoWrino 2012


Good Morning!  First I would like to apologize for not getting blogs up for quite some time now.  I had so much going on in my life and when I would sit to write it just wouldn’t work.  I have some health issues that get in the way sometimes but most of what has been going on has been good things.  I am a new Grammy for the 4th time.  I have two grandsons and two granddaughters who are all the light of my life and in that respect I am in heaven, lol.  Grandkids are like Christmas!

I am also trying to get ready for NaNo Wrimo which is National Novel Writing Month.  It is where you write a novel of 50,000 words in the month of November.    It must be something new, I don’t even need to edit, just write, write, and write!    You can have ideas, notes, outlines and such but not a started piece you must start on Nov. 1st.   Well that is great but this year I am a week away and still no real concrete idea on what to write about this time.  Before when I have done it, I had notes, ideas, a plan, something.  This year I struggle!  No idea seems to stick.  They fly by and tease and wave and then they are gone.  I have lots of things I could write about but none seem to want to come out and play yet.  So they will have to be the next book or one after that.

I am listening, looking, and searching everything I hear and see and still nothing.  I have had this problem before and then surprise an idea forms at the last-minute.  But this is beyond the last-minute.  I wanted to prepare research and maybe outline or notes or anything, but know my thoughts have been taken into custody by some force that has locked them up.  My head hurts from the thoughts banging around inside trying to escape and an idea.

So for this last month I have been in hiding.  I have cleaned out and organized my office where I will be for at least 2,000 words a day everyday for this next month.  I have read, and searched for ideas.  Lots of good thoughts have passed me by already taken and done well.

I am cleaning my computer out and lots of good thoughts there that I have written down to use but they decided they can’t come out yet.  Why?? I don’t know.  My thoughts have their own plans a lot of the time and they don’t let me get in the way.  Most of the time that is good but this time it is not.

SO NOW WHAT?  Well today I will finish the organization and get everything ready.  I have some reading I have to do and then I will start listing ideas or something to see what I can draw from them.  And I will look for the key to unlock the thoughts that should just flow write on to the paper!

I will do this and finish my NaNo Novel but it looks like I will be flying by the seat of my pants as far as what I will write about.  It will come, I know it will, I just wish it would come sooner than later.  LOL!  I will keep you informed!


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One response to “I Will Do This! NaNoWrino 2012

  1. I know you’ll do it! You are a wild writer! Good job getting the writing space decluttered and ready to succeed!

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