Working on My Goal and NOW THAT IT IS OVER!

I am in the throws of NanoWrimo, which is where you write a novel in 30 days, the month of November of 50,000 words or more.  You start Nov. 1st with nothing started but you don’t have to edit either.  It is a goal I try for every year since 2008.  I have done it every year except 2009.  I had to stop after making it to almost 30,000 words due to health issues.  But I will finish it sometime.  Goals keep me going and I think help me keep younger.  If we always challenge ourselves to grow we keep our brains healthy and happy.  A healthy happy brain equals a younger healthier me!  I also set goals for exercise.  Ouch this one hurts BUT if you don’t “MOVE IT OR YOU WILL LOSE IT!”  It is the truth for all you “KIDS” out there.  It is really true.  But that also not only keeps your body going it also helps keep your mind healthy and younger.  I have long life lines in my family and one thing I want to have my brain, young and healthy with me as I get into those later years!  So that is my wise words mostly to remind myself to keep active mind and body.




This election has brought out a lot of things with a lot of people. We seem to be more divided than ever in things. I have been seeing some posts on Facebook that I think is great and I hope that everyone will read and think about. The votes have been cast. The election is over! Some will be happy, some will not.  But whatever we do:


We need to let the other countries in this world see why we are a great country.

If we do not stand United then Divided we will fall!

That isn’t a joke!  It is easy to take over a divided group.  And if you are not happy with the problems then be part of the solutions!

We have a GREAT COUNTRY! And we need to keep it that way! And folks that WE means ALL of US equal WE, the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!

See UNITED is part of our name!  It is what we are based on.  We may not all agree but WE all need to back the UNITED STATES, together,

So let’s all remember that we are all entitled to voice our thoughts and ideas but we can all do that together in peace.  We have enough fighting with Mother Nature this last few years, isn’t she enough fight for everyone? 

LET’S ALL AGREE THAT IT IS OK TO DISAGREE, BUT let us all remember to stand together when it comes to the well -being and protection and life of the GREAT UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!

That means respect others right to their ideas without name calling, cat fights or murder!




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One response to “Working on My Goal and NOW THAT IT IS OVER!

  1. marilyn meek

    Both of your pieces are incredibly wise and so timely!!!
    Thank you for your courage to speak boldly!!!
    You, go girl, you are my favorite NanoWrimo Writer!!!

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