Our Choice


Have you ever climbed a mountain and looked out at the sky?

Do you ever look for an answer to the question WHY?

Have you ever felt so very much alone and sad?

Have you even had a time you were really glad?

Have you ever had so much pain that you thought you could not go on?

Have you ever wished you time here was not long?

Do you stop to smell the roses?

No you say!

Do you not see the problem it poses?


Has your heart ever been so overwhelmed with love and pride?

Only you have the power to decide.

You are the one who drives the car.

Without your determination you won’t go far.

You are the one who draws the map.

You are the one, who will fill in the gap,

of what it is that you want to do,

and the fact that it is up to you.

You are the power to decide,

The way in this life you want to ride.

No matter what type of vehicle you choose,

The way you drive your life is what determines if you win or lose.


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One response to “Our Choice

  1. marilyn meek

    I love this poem so much!!!
    Thank you for sharing your poetic heart ❤

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