Christmas time is a busy time for most people.   Even the people I know that don’t celebrate it say it is always so busy around this time.   So many times people don’t have time to enjoy it.  Some don’t understand what there is to enjoy about the holidays.  We do not put anything out for Christmas till after Thanksgiving.  We take the time to appreciate what Thanksgiving is about also.  Just as I feel Christmas is important to Celebrate.

My feeling is to enjoy all there is that makes Christmas so special, the meaning, the prep, and all.  Now I do not like shopping so that is hard but I have grandkids and people to get gifts for and I love to give presents and I know that going out and seeing all the decorations and lights is fun at least once, lol.

This year we took  our grandkids to go cut and decorate a real tree.  Yes Grammy and Grandpa still go up to a farm in the hills and cut the tree down.  Yes this is getting difficult because Grammy and Grandpa are having trouble getting up after getting down to cut the tree, lol!  It was cold.  After that we all went home to decorate the tree.  It was great.  It was what Christmas is about for me.  My family!  Of course having little ones around just brought back all the memories I have from my two wonderful sons as they grew up.  It was hard when they left but I never give up the Christmas feeling and I am soo very lucky they are close enough that we all still can share that feeling.

When we were decorating the tree the first ornament we put up is 43 years old and very well on its way to falling apart.  It was the first one we had when we got married.  We were 19 yrs old and had nothing.  A guy on a tree lot gave us a “Charlie Brown” tree with two branches. lol.  We had nothing to put on it or under it and yet it was one of the best Christmas I remember and I have had some wonderful Christmas times so that is saying a lot.  So what is the ornament?  It was the inside of a toilet paper roll.  We unwound it and covered it in foil and put a string on it.  No one guesses what it is.  A lot ask but no one has guessed it. lol!  When I told the kids they laughed but thought it was pretty “cool” that we still had it and hang it.  (And got a kiss from Santa Grandpa with it,)  The kids laughed and giggled but they could see and understand that it is all about love.

When my boys were young and started questioning the reality of Santa I told them that Santa was a Spirit of Christmas.  He represents Love, Giving, Joy, Sharing, and remembering what it really is about and that was Jesus’ Birthday.

It is about the child who was born to eventually die for us all!   It is about the love of that Child and his Father not only for each other but for us.   So I try to take time to reflect on my life and most of all how I handle it.  Each year I appreciate so much more and need so much less.  Watching my grandkids tear open there gifts in excitement and joy is the biggest present for me.

Watching my sons and seeing who they have turned out to be and the wonderful partners they have chosen to share their lives with is the biggest present for me.

The fact that my husband still likes and wants to surprise me and treat the little girl in me to something special is the biggest present for me.

I don’t need to unwrap things anymore; I just need to see my family joyful, and loving and sharing. And they all do share and give to those who don’t have much.  Even the youngest know what it means to share and give.  So Christmas is joyful to us because when you take the time to make it Joyful for someone else that joy reflects back to you.  .

And Christmas is not only about love but about Grace also in my opinion.  This year I have had three people in my life that have shown me the true meaning of Grace.  All three really made me realize how lucky I really am and I am so appreciative for the Grace they have shown me.  I thank you all for that you are very special Ladies.

One of you who is constantly supportive said something to me that has changed my thought process on  something that I have been dealing with for years.  You probably won’t know what it was or how it has changed me but it helped so much with a lifelong very hurtful issue and I am sincerely grateful.    You are a good friend who practices Grace in your life as an everyday event.  It is a natural gift you have and you are so generous with it too.  So even though You may not know it, I did of course thank you for your kind words but I don’t think you know the impact they had, it is too hard still to talk about.   But just a couple of kind words can make miracles.  I thank you with all my heart.

Another one of you has come back into my life and is pure Grace under the most ugly circumstances and has taught me so much.  I thank you with all my heart.   You also live Grace Everyday and even when I don’t understand how, you go on. You are a dear loving friend and You are amazing!

And one very special long time friend with two young daughters has just finished chemo for breast cancer and has shown me how to go thru the worst and still have Grace.  Thank You with all my heart.  I am a firm believer of “ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE”.   There have been many people in my life with Grace and have been good to me and good teachers.  These three have come into my life when I am trying to make some decisions about my life.  They have helped me get through some trying times and all have taught me what Grace really is.  Thank you my wonderful friends for the beautiful gift of GRACE.  And to all of my friends who have helped me grow in many ways.  I thank you!

No matter what you celebrate I respect that.  When I say Merry Christmas it is not to offend anyone and if I know you celebrate something different and I know what it is then I will refer to that.  But when I say it, it is just to express the Joy and the Love and the Grace that this Holiday represents.

And on that note TO EVERYONE!

Here is wishing you a Happy whatever you celebrate!  The point is it is the season to remember our loved ones.  It is the season to share and love and be joyful.  I know it is not easy for so many and that is why  this season is about “Attitude of Gratitude” also.

So to you and your families I hope you all have a Wonderful, joyful, healthy, Graceful celebration of what it really is all about!

A big Thank you to my followers and supporters of my blog.  Thank you for understanding when I am not around much.  Thank you for reading my ramblings.  I appreciate you all very much.  Have a great Holiday and a Wonderful New Year!

Merry Christmas! And to those who don’t celebrate it Happy Happy end of the year and the beginning of a New Year and the opportunity for new possibilities!  I wish you all the very best of the season and a wonderful New Year!



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3 responses to “CHRISTMAS GRACE!

  1. marilyn meek

    You, my dear Linda, are also filled with much beauty and grace!!! What a lovely blog to help us all focus on what is truly important…not just today, or this season…but always 🙂 ❤

  2. Another wonderful read with an important message to take heart, lovely woven together.

  3. Thanks so much, Linda, sweetest of friends. I appreciate your kind heart and the joy your bring to my life. Merry Christmas!

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