The Tractor

It sits outside all alone

Covered in dirt and all its beauty unknown

To think it ran the ranch wild and free

Taking the family children that there be

To sow the fields to feed them all

Always there at their beck and call

Now they leave it without a care

And all it wants is its rides to share!

I have always loved trees and mountains and have always wanted a farm or ranch.  The closest I have gotten was 5 acres and 3 dogs, 2 cats, one rabbit and two boys, oh well 3 boys counting hubby.  Now the fact is I am glad that is as close as I got.    I could not even or want to imagine working a ranch with animals to take care of and fields to work and all that goes with it.  My now ¼ acre lot with my little garden area and some trees and flowers is more that I can handle.

I remember when this love of a farm or ranch really dug itself in.  I was in High School one summer I got to go live with my Aunt and Uncle for a while and their beautiful baby boy who was full of smiles and hugs all the time.  My Uncle would take me to work with him and train me to be a Dental Assistant.  He was a Dentist and it was a great opportunity to learn something that could lead to a career.   Then we would go home and pick up my Aunt and cousin and we would go to get burgers and then to the Drive-In movie.   Perfect for a teenage girl!  What a job, lol.   It was a great summer.  My Aunt and Uncle are very loving people and I learned a lot as well as having a great time.

Those summers affected me so much more than I would ever realize and in a wonderful way.  But what was the best was when we would all ride out to the country to my Uncle’s parent’s ranch and see his family.   I loved that, they were all wonderful and that is when I got to not only ride on, but even drive a tractor.  Oh it was a short drive but that was all it took.    It was a thrill for me.  There were several reasons why it made such a big impact on me.  It was a lot to do with the trust My Uncle gave me by letting me and trusting his life with me, lol.   He didn’t laugh at me or treat me like a silly girl he knew the real me and it was ok.   It was the fact that he understood how much I loved being out there and the land, and he could relate to that.    It was the fact that the tractor was so very cool.    I know, I know a city girl and she wants a tractor.   Gotta laugh out loud on that one!  But really I am a country girl at heart!

For some reason those tractor rides gave me a special confidence.   By entrusting me with his parent’s tractor and not teasing me for the thrill it gave me that one act help build up my confidence years later that would help me.   That summer gave me beautiful memories of laughter, fun and love.  And it gave me a good respect for those majestic machines that help us in so many ways.  Yes I admit it! I love tractors!

Today is my Uncle’s birthday.  I want to wish him a wonderful birthday and a wonderful year.  And I want to thank him for my ride on the Tractor and all he taught me!  I never did become a dental assistant but I have used some of the things I learned there throughout my life.  I am forever grateful.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR UNCLE!


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