That is the cliché I think of as I write this.  That is “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.”  As she flashes her big always present smile, 68 years young Pat Robey can testify how wrong that is.   In fact she can show you Trophies and Plaques that prove how well old dogs can learn new tricks.  There is no association to old dogs and Pat other than the point of it.   Pat is certainly no dog or old!


Old is a state of mind!  Age is just a stage in life!   It is our mind and our stage!  We just have to choose to believe and to know that it is up to us to go out and do it.

I met Pat in 1980 when we both worked for the local phone company.  She is one who always tells you that you can do it!  She is a positive, upbeat and encouraging person so it is no surprise to me that she can accomplish this and anything else she sets her mind too.   She is just one of those people that know that it is up to ourselves to accomplish and succeed at whatever we choose to do.  It takes hard work. And that is what she does.   She has Inspired myself and others to “Go for it”, and push beyond any barriers to achieve what we want!    She tells everyone, “of course you can do it!”   There is not a doubt in her mind that we can and when you have someone like that telling you that and encouraging you, you believe it!


All kidding aside, Pat is 68 years young and has just received another very special Plaque.  This one a reminder of all the hard work and dedication and determination Pat has put into her goal.   On November 17th, 2012 the World Association of Benchers and Deadlifters inducted Pat Robey into the WABDL Hall of Fame.


Pat started lifting at age 57.  Most people at that age are thinking about playing golf and retirement.  Not Pat, she decided to start something new and now has broken 13 world records with 6 of them still standing to prove you are never too old to learn new things or change old patterns and habits.   She is the picture of health and has a peaceful calm about her.  And she has a new excitement also.  She is excited about the new her and it shows.  She worked very hard to get here but that is what it takes and the confidence that flows out of her reinforces what you put into something is what will come out.  All it takes is determination and hard work and the results can be awesome.  Pat proves this!


Pat says that “Weight lifting has changed her life.”  As she says,” I discovered I was a very strong person, not just physically but mentally too.  It is about taking care of my body which means changing everything in my life.”    Pat was overweight most of her life she told me.  “I did not like my body or myself because of it.”

I think a lot of us at one time or another have faced going into battle with your body over its weight issue.  It is no walk in the park.  I think we can all figure out the amount of effort and work Pat had to put into this.


Pat has always had a little twinkle in her big bright pretty eyes and a big smile on her face.  She has gone through many challenges but she stays positive and upbeat.  She also is an encourager and has inspired and helps me in many ways throughout the years.   You cannot help but pick up her upbeat attitude when you are with her.  She works very hard but knows that is what it takes and it helps to have a passion for what you are doing.  But most of all she proves that if  YOU want to do something, YOU have to make up your mind and YOU have to go for it.  YOU are the only one who can get you where you want to be.  And also she proves old dogs do learn new tricks and sometimes I think they learn better than the pups!


She told me this is something she feels strongly about and reminds herself that:  “If you really want something you will find a way, if you don’t you will find an excuse.    When I start making excuses I know I need to re-evaluate my goal.   The amount of determination can make a difference.  I am still excited to go to the gym and I feel good.”

And I will say Pat looks good.   Pat has already set new goals for this year.  She already has me going on my goals, feeling positive and calm about it without stressing out on how I will get there.  After all I can do it and it is up to me to get it done!

Thank you my good friend Pat for all your encouragement and for sharing your story.  I hope it will help Inspire someone else to take that step toward their personal goals.  The power is in your hands.  Go for It!



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4 responses to “

  1. Pat sounds very inspirational (and young!) 😉

  2. kathy robey

    What a great write up! Thank you! I am so proud of her! She is such a great role model for all of us!

  3. This is very inspirational, Linda! I’ve been trying to get motivated to get fit and loose some weight. Guess I just need to do it 🙂 Thanks for sharing Pat’s story. And thanks for stopping by my blog today. I appreciate the encouragement.

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