One Year of Breathing Space! – March 26/13

I love Mother Nature and all her glory and wonder. I thrive in the country where there are trees and rivers and wild animals running around along with the wild humans that live out in the country. It is simply beautiful to see nature and so peaceful most of the time.
If love Mother Nature and the country and it’s beauty you will love this blog. Breathing Space shows off all Mother Nature and her finery. Sheri captures the wonder of it and lets you feel what it is like to be there. Her blog is like a peaceful resort in my opinion. I can be outside and see it all and almost feel it, except I don’t have to freeze in the process. Thank You Sheri for the beautiful pictures. Her blog is Enjoy a moment of fresh air and the beauty that is out there! This dear on the river is thankfully a almost regular sight.

sheri j kennedy ~ Riverside

Thanks for your views, likes and comments encouraging this first year of Breathing Space! VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITE IN COMMENTS! Today’s post will be a Best Of, based on stats of the most views.  Next week I’ll announce which one actually got the most views this year, and which one received the top popular vote on this post. LOOKING FORWARD TO SHARING MORE BREATHING SPACE WITH YOU IN THE YEAR AHEAD!

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