I got into this late and missed the registration date for this challenge starting on April 1st. It is a blog challenge to put out a blog everyday based on the alphabet A – Z. http://www.a-to-zchallenge.com/p/what-is-blogging-from-to-z.html is the link with the rules and list of bloggers involved. You use 1 letter each day except for Sunday. I decided even though I am 6 days behind I would go along just to learn new words if anything. I used to go to the dictionary everyday and look up a new word when I was younger. I got out of that habit so I figure this is a great way to do it. Anyone can do this even if they don’t blog it.
So for the month of April my blog is called Educating Nonsense. I won’t be writing as much as putting words together and looking up new words under that letter for the day and using them as I can. I hope you enjoy and learn some new words and laugh!
I have put F (day 6th (first then down to A Then I will just add each day as we go along.) I call this Educational Nonsense because it is learning and using your ABC’s and because it is nonsense the way I wrote it. It is lots of fun!

Educating Nonsense

F Forgives
Feelings figure finding fast fixes.
Fighting for freedom faces fatalities.
Finishing facets facilitates fresh finds.
Fabulous futures? Focus feverishly.
Fun Fantasy! Fresh Flowers frequently.
For future fears few fall.
Finally facts feared freed for future

E Expects Excitement
Everything everyone expects exhausts established entertainment.
Ever experience exciting exuberance
Even elephants enjoy encouraging enhancements.
Either expert enhances excellence
Empty heads equal emergencies.
Enchain, enchant, encounter encircles expectations.

D Delivers
Different duties dispensed, dad did do.
Discipline defines done deeds.
Don’t differ during difficult decisions.
Divert driving down difficult directions.
Delicious donuts do dangerous deeds.
Deliver direct diagnosis.
Deeds do decide.

C comes Calling
Certain circumstances circumvent calamities causing catastrophic casualties.
Caution creates curious comments concerning choices.
Casual couples can carefully create commitment.
Complete competition, ceremony comes.
Curiosity contained, consideration confused.

And it is The B

Birth, babies, beautiful, bright, bouncing, being busy beyond belief.
Bursting, boasting, besides bounding bonds by baby boy.
Building bridges by building blocks, breaking boundaries.
Beliefs bind by being better.
Broader borders bypass bias.


Apples Anatomy are among amazing archeology.
All animated arguments agitate and aggravate accepting anything actually as annoying,
Afterward ashamed awkwardness asserts and assaults, assuming acceptance.
Ascending and arriving ahead, an Asylum. Another annoying assignment attacks again.
Amazing attributes are around always allowing amiable affection and attachment.



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2 responses to “APRIL IS THE A-Z CHALLENGE!

  1. THIS is going to be amazing to follow!! (smile)

  2. Thank You! I am enjoying yours also the falls were wonderful to see!

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