(I dedicate this today to Boston And all that went there for the marathon.)
Today I want to just say I send out prayers and support to all those in Boston. I am for a change at a loss of words with yet another senseless tragedy. We are all NEEDING Peace in this world maybe if WE ALL think it and act it things can change. I still believe in Miracles!

I hope you have a Good Nurturing Nice Day!


Neutral Nancy Nurse Nurtures Nature
Never Noticing, Nothing Noticed
Niceties Noticed
National Negotiations Needed Now
Northwest Never Normal
Notable Notes Newest Nouveau
Notorious Nobles Need Nourishment
Nannies Not Necessary Now

Here are a few extra words for the scrabble players:
neencephalon * neap* nabob* naiad* niblick* noil* nub* nymphalid* nyala*


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