Good Morning! I can’t believe we are up to O already. It seems like this challenge just started. I have to admit that I have recently won more scrabble and word games than normal, lol. This is one good exercise to learn some great words for these games. I have really enjoyed reading some of the other participants. What great thoughts have come out of this! Have a great day!


O Opens Officially Only Offering Opportunities
Open Offices Offer Order
Oscar Often Obscure Only Observing
Observing Oceans Officially
Oly Obdurately Objected Odiously
Only Own Opals
Occasionally Obligated Objections Occur
Obsessive Obstacles Obliterate Optimists
Opponents Operate Obediently

And some words for the word games: I even thru in some of the many times need two letter words this time.

Obelisks, obsidian, oafishly, obliges, oxyphils, oximetry, ozonated, oxitongue, obelism, obovoid, odalisk, oestrin, ohmages, onerier, organza, outswum, outyelp, oviduct, oxidase, ozonise, ozonous, ova, oud, ope, od, oe , of, oh, oi, om, on, op, or, os, ow, ox, oy


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