Good Morning today I am dedicating this again to the People of Boston and especially to the runners who were hurt or killed.
I especially want to dedicate this to a couple I read about at:–Boston.Marathon-Explosions-Newlyweds/

This is quoted from the story:

“BOSTON (AP) — They were married in Boston in August, an unlikely match who fell in love and shared a passion for running. Monday, watching the Boston Marathon — a race one had run before — the couple each lost a leg after one of the two explosions that killed three and wounded dozens more.”

Now can you imagine being newlyweds and running the marathon together? You know they probably were excited and so happy to be there. Then to have this happen and both of them lose a leg. I ask God to help them through this. I cannot even imagine what they face ahead. I know many people lose limbs and deal with it and from the story and the descriptions of these people they will too. But I can’t help feel so sorry to see them start off their marriage on such a note. I can’t help feeling angry at the people who did this.

Then I saw something that got me really angry. They were CAUGHT on a video, People looting the marathon tent filled with prizes for the runners and those people made me angrier. A question was asked if they were just getting things to help the injured people because some things where used from there but the video tells a different story. If I am wrong I apologize now but it didn’t look that way at all. People walked away with items and were smiling and running off. If I am right they should be ashamed and I think they should be publically pointed out so the world can see how low they sunk. People like this couple face this and then others loot at the same time. It is just as if they are participating in the bombing to me. They are almost worse in my opinion for disrespecting the injured and dead by such a low act. And many of their faces where caught on the video so I hope the police make it a point to find them and charge them and I hope the papers plaster their faces all over so everyone knows while people die and lose arms and legs they had to have a sweatshirt from the marathon which they did not deserve. Sometimes I do not understand where people come from. To them I say watch out because what goes around most certainly comes back around to bite you.

I will just hope and pray this couple makes it through this without any complications and they both adjust to their new challenge and they can return to the business of being Newlyweds.

This was a rant and I need to add that THERE WERE MANY MORE PEOPLE WHO DID HELP AND DID THE RIGHT THING! And for those people I say THANK YOU! Thank You for showing the world that there is MORE GOOD than BAD around!


Perfect Paradise Purchased
Please Place Paper Properly
Practice Paces Patience
People Predict Parallel Placement
Parasites Perch Painfully Pinching
Parties Pretend Peace Pacifying Parents
Pride, Passion, Perseverance, Payoff


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