(This one a bit long but there is just so much to say about it!)

Today is Q’s day. I am surprised there are more words that start with Q than I realized. There are actually 5 pages of Q’s in the dictionary. But today when I thought of Q, I automatically thought of Quality. So today I am doing a rave about a place that is been a wonderful gift in my life that is the essence of Quality.

Yesterday I was at a special event for a place I volunteer at. They had a wonderful reception for their volunteers. They show us their appreciation all the time. I am sure that most if not all the volunteers really WANT to be there. I don’t think any of us think we are doing as much for them as they do for us by letting us be involved in this wonderful Magical Place.

This place is a haven of love and comfort and learning and safety. This place is ENCOMPASS! Now I know many of you won’t know what or where I am talking about, but I will say check out your local area and see if there isn’t somewhere like this near you. If there is I recommend if you can spare a few moments of your time to check out volunteering for them. It is an AMAZING experience of learning and giving and love.

This is from their web page that explains exactly what they are:
“Encompass is an independent, non-profit, children’s and family-services organization established in 1966 with a unique mission: to nurture children, enrich families and inspire community. Our programs nurture typical and developmentally challenged children, enrich families in all their diversity and inspire community throughout the Snoqualmie Valley, Issaquah, Sammamish and the greater Eastside.

Vision: We are creating a legacy of children and families who know they are valued. Our dream is that they inspire community wherever they go.

Mission: At Encompass, our mission is to nurture children, enrich families and inspire community.”

I can say from experience they are exactly what they say they are, plus so much more! Everyone there from the Receptionist, all the teachers and ALL of the staff which involves counselors, Family Support Specialists, on up to Gregory Malcolm the director is right there to help with a smile and support and love of their work.

I worked in the pre-school classrooms a few times a week for a few years and it was the joy of my week. I have volunteered for many years in a variety of places for kids. I can honestly say I have never been in such a safe, loving, nurturing environment. I have seen for myself the work and effort to give these kids all that is need to start their little lives on the road to being happy well adjusted people! If anyone can do it Encompass can!

Last night they had their annual Art show and it was beautiful! They have the kids believing in themselves and abilities so much that the art is actually very good. Making kids believe in themselves enough to believe they can do anything they try is what all kids need. But the best was seeing all these little children beaming with pride and pleasure showing their parents or grandparents and who ever their work. Each class room and every hall is filled with their work. Each piece of art displayed beautifully with pride from the teachers and staff that in itself tells the kids they are special
These kids are taught the normal ABC’s, math, art, nutrition, nurturing, friendship, and trust. The teachers that are there seem to be all in sync with the one thought and that is making the kids shine and learn and feel safe and special. It is all about the children. I give a BIG SHOUT OUT FOR THE WONDERFUL TEACHERS! Julie, Kathy, Corissa, Celina, Brittany, and Nikki! I wish for every child to start out with a teacher like one of these wonderful teachers.

They have many much needed services for the parents and families also with wonderful people to help them though any issues they have. I have never been somewhere or worked somewhere that everyone was always smiling and warm and happy. You hear laughter all the time. I can see why because I have never been there without feeling happy. I have never left there without a smile on my face.

Today I RAVE about Encompass. This a place to help and support if you can. I hope everyone around takes a moment to check out this wonderful place because it is so important to this valley and to our kids. Today I thank ENCOMPASS for LETTING me help in any way I can. If you have free time and want to help someone you will most certainly be helping yourself here. You will not leave without a smile! And if you have children run don’t walk to check out this Magical Place!

I give a shout out and Thank You to all of you at Encompass for the wonderful experience you let me share in and all you do for the children and the families who need you!


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