U Brought out the word Understanding for me right away.  I actually have just recently reached an Understanding.  It took long enough but sometimes we believe too much we are told especially as an open trusting child and our hearts sometimes block the brain from realizing that.  I ask all you parents and care givers of children watch not only your actions but you words towards your kids!   What we tell our children they believe.  They grow up believing.  If we teach them they are a bum then they will believe that they are a bum and if we teach them they are a president they may just be a president.  Now many can overcome those negative believes because they find that UNDERSTANDING, but so many more don’t.  That is why we have all the broken people we do.  

Now to the children:   This is where that UNDERSTANDING comes in.  Hopefully you will learn it early.  If you gain that understanding you will see that you can teach yourself what you want to be in this life.  So start early looking for it.  UNDERSTANDING will help us all.  Some will have to work harder and longer to find it but we can.  If we are lucky we will meet people along the way to help, but it is up to ourselves to find it and make ourselves happier.   It is our mind that controls how we will react and that reaction is what can make lemonade out of lemons.  And that I truly believe that comes from UNDERSTANDING!  It can be different for everyone but I hope you all find the UNDERSTANDING YOU NEED to have a great life.

And now back to U:  It has 26 pages of its own in my dictionary.

Ulysses Understands.

U is Unique, Upright, Upstanding & Understanding.

Umbrellas unhinge unabatedly ultimately.

Unhurried Ursula Undressed

Now some Scrabble words:

Udals, ugged, ulna, ulnae, umami, ulzie,  unary, unces, unfix, uncus, umped,

Uneth, unget, ungot, ursid, usnea, usque, usury, upo, ule, ulu, uni, urb, ure, ute, ug. 


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