Victory to all! I think everyone deserves Victories in their live. We have to work for them and sometimes very hard but it can change attitudes. It can encourage people to climb mountains and chase their dreams. And when they do they are Victorious! There is nothing like when you reach the top of that mountain. It can be overcoming a loss or an illness, getting that well deserved promotion and raise, or it can be for some stepping out their front door and even climbing that mountain for real. But whatever it is for you when you accomplish it you will love the feeling you get from that Victory. No amount of money can give you that feeling. It doesn’t matter if it is a small Victory or a big one. It matters to make them happen! Have a great game!

And today’s Scrabble words:(some just came to my head without having to look in the dictionary!)
Viola, Vicious, Vivid, Vacancy, Vacation, Vaccine, Vacuum, Vagabond, Vacillate, Value, Vampire, Vamp,
Vane, Vanity, Vantage, View, Velour, Vegetarian, Velvet, Verst, Viand, Vibes, Vocation, Vote, Vulgar,


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