X in Xanadu

Oh poor X lives in Xanadu, a place of great beauty and luxury but only has barely two pages of its own.

X is lonely but holds itself straight and tall because it has a secret and knows it all!

In the Scrabble Dictionary it only has one page.

In Scrabble and in Words with Friends it is worth eight points.

Those who play know how hard it is to use it.

Our family plays the Alphabet game in the car sometimes. It is where you find a word that starts with each letter. You can’t use cars or moving vehicles only signs and buildings. Well X is almost impossible to find. When someone finds one it sends the excitement level up 100 notches at least. It is a great game for trips. It helps kill time and helps kids with their letters and words and keeps the peace sometimes, lol.

Today’s words for the word games:

Xanthus, Xanthate, Xanthene, Xanthic, Xaxis, Xeno, Xero, Xi, Xu, Xylan, Xyst, Xyster.

Today I went to the dictionary and then to the Scrabble dictionary.

Good luck.
Xcellent Xercises Xcell Xcuburance. LOL!
Have a Great Day!


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