Y is Youth!

Yabbering Youth Yells Yak!

Y’all Yards Yield Yellow Yams!

(And YES to all who ask Y’all is in the Webster’s dictionary but not in the Scrabble one.)

Yachtsman Yank Yawls, Yawning.

Y also has the abilitY to be added to the end of manY words but does not take the lead with many words. In the word WHY it sounds like it is spelled with just the letter Y. Being a sneakY little devil, it hides sometimes and is silent or sometimes it is so loud such as whY that it hides the other letters.

Y is a letter to be used in various waYs but apparentlY doesn’t like to take the lead. MaYbe because it’s shY or too busY Yacking YaketY Yak! Or maYbe it likes being at the end finalizing things. Yet it can be anYwhere in a word as in: analYsis, baYonet, beYond, craYon, hYmm, lYmph, pYrite, roYal, sYringe and oxYgen and here is a good one, zYgote.

It has six and a half pages in the dictionarY and almost four in the Scrabble dictionarY.

As You see Y, it stands straight and tall with its arms outreaching for more!

Good luck in Your word games and Have A Great DaY!

Here are some words for the Word games. All of these come out of the dictionary and are not capitalized in the dictionary only here to give Y its day of acknowledgement!

Yack, Yakety, Yak, Yakitori, Yam, Yamen, Yang, Yank, Yanqui, Yar, Yardage, Yardarm, Yardbird, Yare, Yarmuika, Yarn, Yarrow, Yashmak, Yataghan, Yaup, Yaupon, Yautia, Yaw, Yawl, Yawp, Yaup, Yaxis, Ye, Yea, Yeah, Yean, Year, Yeast, Yegg, Yech or Yecch, Yelp, Yen, Yenta, Yep, Yes, Yeshiva, Yet, Yeti, Yew, Yid, Yield, Yin, Yip, Yippie, Yo, Yob, Yoga, Yogi, Yoke, Yolk, Yon, Yond, Yonder, Yore, You, Young, Your, Yourn, Youse, Yowl, Yuan, Yucca, Yuck, Yule, Yum, Yup, Yuppie, Yurt.


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